I know we are all eagerly waiting for the return of “Scorpion” on Feb. 26. And I also know that there has been a massive amount of anxiety because we don’t know if the show will be renewed for a fifth season. So, while we wait, I think it’s a good idea to calm our nerves by looking back on some of our favorite moments from this season!

The following three scenes have made my list, but I would love to hear about your favorites as well! Comment below or follow me on Twitter to get in touch!

 3. Cabe Finally Opened Up to Toby

Does this scene still make me tear up when I watch it? Absolutely. And I think that’s the best thing about it. Toby had to work so hard to get Cabe to the point where he could open up and let everyone help him, and seeing Cabe finally come to terms with his anxiety was a turnaround for the show. Without this moment, it’s likely that Cabe would have ended up in prison. This scene not only brought him closer to Toby, but to the entire team as well.

2. Paige and Walter Discuss Walter’s Dream About Florence

This scene really demonstrated how well Paige and Walter’s relationship is progressing because they both took responsibility for their actions! Granted, Walter is still trying to just avoid conflict by hiding in the kitchen, but he has a good reason. I’d probably hide too. But the best part about this scene is Walter’s ability to be completely candid with Paige about the logic of his dream. He’s not trying to impress her or make up for anything. His mind automatically sees her as a guiding light when he’s in trouble. Scientific reasoning or not, this scene is a prime example of why Waige is a solid ship.

1. Team Scorpion Supporting Quintis No Matter the Cost


This is hands down my favorite scene of the season so far — possibly my favorite scene of the series as a whole, honestly. I’ve discussed it before, but I’ll say it again: I absolutely LOVE the way Toby and Happy handle their situation. For one, Toby is the one who has fertility problems. That issue is almost exclusively dealt with by female characters and their sense of womanhood often depends on it. But Happy makes sure that Toby does not feel anything like that. The amount of instantaneous love and support she shows him is everything a relationship should be. The best part is that she asks him what he would do for her in that situation knowing that he would absolutely do the same for her. Waige is great, y’all. But Quintis is relationship goals.

The fact that the entire team pitches in to help Happy and Toby with fertility treatment says so much about their dynamic. This moment reflected season 1 in that it was ultimately about bringing everyone together as a family. Team Scorpion has never been about the individual, and this scene highlighted the pure selflessness of each character.

“Scorpion” returns to CBS at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 26.