The moment This Is Us fans have been anticipating yet dreading finally happened. We learned the events that led to Jack Pearson’s untimely death. There had been plenty of clues pointing to the house fire but it was still unknown as to what exactly happened.

The episode, appropriately named “Super Bowl Sunday”, began with Jack waking up to the house on fire. He quickly wakes up Rebecca and after finding out that Kevin isn’t home, begins to wake up Randall and Kate and leads them and Rebecca safely outside. Rebecca and the kids are in the yard but when Kate realizes that the dog is still in the house, Jack heroically returns in the burning house to retrieve the dog. As Rebecca and the kids scream and cry, Jack emerges from the home not only caring the dog, but a pillowcase full of keepsakes including photo albums and Rebecca’s crescent necklace.

An ambulance comes and Jack and Rebecca head to the emergency room to get Jack’s hand looked at that had been burnt. Kate and Randall to Miguel’s house. While in the emergency room Rebecca steps out of Jack’s room to get a snack and during that time Jack has a heart attack due to the smoke inhalation and dies. Just like that, with no warning and no time for goodbyes, Jack Pearson is gone.

Mandy Moore’s performance is heartbreaking and outstanding as she discover’s Jack’s lifeless body on the hospital bed. This is a moment that has been built up and anticipated for the past year and when it actually happened we find that Jack’s death wasn’t a huge dramatic even but actually quite normal yet su

The cast and creator of This Is Us reached out to fans on Twitter after the episode to offer their support.

Show runner Dan Fogelman shared his thoughts on the episode along with his own experience of losing a parent.

In case you needed another reason to love Milo, he offered fans these encouraging words.

Mandy Moore also reached out to fans.

The light at the end of really tough episode was a twist most viewers didn’t see coming. Randall and Beth have been discussing the possibility of taking in another foster child. We saw a scene where a little boy is being told by his social worker that she found him a family. Naturally we are lead to assume that this little boy will be staying with Randall and Beth. However we are surprised to see a much older Randall walk through the door to meet with the social worker, his daughter Tess! Yes, This Is Us has officially taken us to the future.

It was a hopeful way to end a difficult episode. I’m looking forward to see what the future holds for the Pearson family.

This Is Us will return with a new episodes on Tuesday, February 27th at 9/8c.