David and Patrick hit a new crossroads in their relationship when Jake invites them over for drinks. Photosource: CBC

Episode six of Schitt’s Creek followed in last week’s eerie theme, only instead of a murder of wild attacking crows the show opened with two overly-chipper local news anchors who seem even more deadly than those crows. Of course, we’ll look past this since they only function to praise our long-suffering and uniquely talented Moira Rose. After the video of the crow attack at the premiere of Moira’s movie went viral a very resourceful Alexis decided to spin the attack, that was completely her fault if you remember, as a deliberate and meticulously orchestrated PR stunt, and the fans loved it. Moira’s movie is now getting major buzz and major streams, and as those creepy new anchors acknowledge, it looks like Moira’s making a comeback in the world of show business. Finally, a sentence we’ve been waiting for since season one.

But she’s not the only Rose whose star is on the rise.

Impressed by her lifelike PR stunt, Alexis is now in high demand by a crowd of public relations and marketing firms, yet it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to launch her career right now. Alexis is still scheduled to meet Ted in the Galapagos Islands in a few days. They’ve been apart for a while now, and even though she’s getting these opportunities she’s never had before she doesn’t just want to drop him. She’s come a long way from the Alexis we met in the first season who was constantly flirting with Mutt while dating Ted and gave no thought to work whatsoever.

She reasons that the best course of action here is to talk to Ted directly about this conundrum, but before she can fully get the words out Ted saves the day. Between the fire ants and the flooding and countless other horrors of the island he knows Alexis would be uncomfortable here, and with her career heating up she needs to stay where she is and take advantage of it. So he tells her in the kindest way possible, don’t come. It’s a big sacrifice on his part, these two lovebirds are suffering in their separation but he wants the best for her and so he’s willing to give up what he wants. It’s so romantic, these two better be the next pair of fiancees before the season ends.

Meanwhile, the other side of the Rose family is much less serious. After Patrick ordered a hand-crafted coffee table, David and Patrick come face to face with David’s ex, Jake, once again. As per Jake’s one-dimensional personality he immediately asks them to come over to his place tonight for a “whiskey and whatever,” and while Patrick is clearly hesitant to venture into the swinging life the boys debate the pros and cons of attending. Ultimately, curiosity kills the cat and they end up heading over to Jake’s in some snazzy, tighter than usual, outfits. Upon arriving they are both surprised to see that it is a lot more people than they thought, but before David can talk Patrick into just leaving they run into none other than Stevie, who decides to stay as they head out. As far as testing our soon-to-be newlyweds this was a humorous but not too serious storyline for them this week, they basically behaved more or less in the way we thought they would and it didn’t bring them anywhere new or particularly interesting. Although it was fun watching Patrick and David take their turns squirming in awkwardness and not being able to admit it to the other. But, I digress.

Last, but not least, we still have Johnny Rose to contend with. Representing the namesake of this episode, Johnny teams up with Roland and Ronnie to be Bob’s wingmen on a night out. After Gwen left him earlier this season Bob was devastated, and here a couple of episodes later we see he’s made no progress in moving on and is now wearing everyone, but especially Ronnie’s, patience thin. So to ease him back into the dating pool Johnny and Roland brush off their flirting skills and try to coach Bob on how to talk to women, a plan that unsurprisingly ends in disaster until Ronnie can take no more and steps in as the ringer. While Johnny and Roland are sighing over their drinks, Ronnie found herself a lovely woman to date one who just so happens to have a single friend, a single friend with serious car troubles. Naturally, Ronnie pushes Bob to use his expertise with cars to go talk to the woman and win her over, and just like that it’s done. Likewise, Johnny and Roland end the episode with a wounded sense of gratitude for their spouses.

All in all, this episode echoed the earlier seasons of Schitt’s Creek where it was less about story and more about laughs. David and Johnny’s stories were entertaining but didn’t give us anything new, though Roland’s constant roasting of Johnny’s flirting skills did liven the mood. Moira, on the other hand, was barely mentioned after her initial scene and had no concrete story of her own this time. Really Alexis and Ted pretty much saved this episode. Not to sound too dramatic, but the end is coming and soon the series will be no more and the list of resolutions we need like Johnny and Stevie’s empire, Moira’s career, Alexis and Ted’s lives, and David and Patrick’s wedding aren’t being ticked off, which would stress us out greatly if the side humor didn’t land. Luckily it did this episode, but it still left us wanting more.