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The Future of Divergent

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth was turned into a movie series in 2014.  The movie franchise was supposed to be a box office hit.  A series about a post apocalyptic world that features around a brave young girl and how she is a divergent, which is illegal, and people like her are to be killed.

Picture Source: Divergent, Lionsgate

The first movie in the series, Divergent, had an 85 million dollar budget and earned over 288 million in box office.  After the success of The Hunger Games this series seemed like a shoe-in for the next big teen franchise.  However, with each new film the numbers dwindled, and eventually it was decided that there would not be a final movie.  Actress Shailene Woodley who played the main character said that she was not interested in doing a a show or TV movie.

Picture Source: Ascendant, Lionsgate

Since the fate of the series was decided Divergent hung in the air.  The last film Ascendant will look bad without the main character reprising her role.  However, there are talks that Starz will take over the series completely and either do a TV movie for Ascendant, or make a show out of the Divergent series.  This is not the first time a show will be made out of a failed movie with The Mortal Instruments paving the way.  The Shadowhunters is doing well on Freeform, so maybe this will be inspiration for a TV show to be made from the Divergent Series.  While not a lot of information has come out, it is comforting that the Divergent series is still being talked about and has not been scrapped all together.

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  1. If they want this to work as either a movie or a TV series, they are going to have to take the idea from the book and then do some serious rewrites. Even people who like the books are fairly critical of how the story progresses, and very little of the struggle in the book translates well into film as a lot of the struggle is internal rather than external conflict (though they do have that as well). However, if they stick with trying to simply convert the book to film without considering how that story will be conveyed, it is never going to be overly successful with only the most serious Divergent fans sitting through they entirety.

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