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5 Gamer Set-Up Gift Ideas

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Yule is almost upon us. Do you need some last-minute gift ideas? If you have a gamer in your life that you need gifts for, here are five ideas. I like these and would love them for my desk. But, you know, these gifts would also be suitable for someone with a desk job. Well, at least three of the five.

I found this set of gamer hat and socks. I think they would be great to wear. Also, I think my husband would look cute in them.

Source Amazon

I love RGB anything, so I find this RGB mouse pad is too cool. Since I already have an RGB mouse and keyboard, I just need this to complete that setup. Do you want to bet your gamer would love this? Your loved one with a desk job can add some fun to their workspace.

Source Amazon

This RGB Mouse adds a subtle bit of fun to your computer area. I love my colorful mouse. Mine is just like this one.

Source Amazon

Even if you don’t play World of Warcraft, this Azeroth map wall hanging will look great on the wall over your computer. Look at it when you are daydreaming, and your mind can wander to all the adventures you could have there.

Source Amazon

Everyone can use this cup holder. If you are anything like my husband and son, you absolutely need hydration while gaming, but you don’t want stuff on your desk. This is a great solution and works well with most desks. It has a vise-like grip to keep it steady for whatever drink you need it to hold.

Source Amazon

Do any of these sound good? I would be thrilled to get any of these. Especially the mouse pad. What has been your favorite Yule gift to receive? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…

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