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First Sister of Battle Model

Warhammer Fest just finished up and the most exciting thing for me was not new terrain, new dice, new paints, or even a whole new, or any of the numerous new giant models coming but the announcement of a single, solitary model.

Image via Warhammer Community

This is of course the previewed Sister of Battle. The details in the model is amazing and they make a point even of how it is inspired by the original art of the Sisters. This gives a great boost to any doubts about the rest of the line, claimed to be released in 2019, staying true to their roots. There will be no oversimplified designs here, but the full Gothic will be on display. The face looks a little off, but it is far from a deal breaker and Games Workshop has never been known to make good faces but the rest of the model more than makes up for it. It hits just the right mark between intricate and overblown. Even the base is wonderfully ornate, dressed up as an altar with candles and symbols upon the floor. The roses I think are my favorite touch.

The space warrior nuns are back and looking better than ever!

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  1. A big example of how Games Workshop has typically sucked at faces is the Space Marine Scout kit. Completely hideous faces. As for the Sisters…I think the face looks great honestly, she is scarred, she looks pissed, I love it.

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