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S4 E12 “Bow Knows”

On this week’s episode of Blackish, we deal with a couple of issues that I am sure, as parents we have all experienced. Growing up in the non-information age, we actually had to go outside and play and use our imaginations. There was no internet, no tablets and the only computer you could use was an apple or a Mac. Yeah, I just totally told Y’all my age. Anywho, we didn’t have what our children have now and we sure didn’t have the world wide web to depress yourself when you look up symptoms and find out your dying of a terminal disease. Don’t lie we ALL have done it, a matter of fact just the other day I did. LOL, information just was not at our fingertips like it is now.

So, Bow is on a mom’s group on the internet and is getting advice and tips from other mom’s across the country. There are gadgets and forums that weren’t available when I had my first child, not that I have ever had an interest in those anyway. My mom was old school and as such, I have raised my kids the same way that she raised me. Not in every aspect but most. In the group, the mom’s talk about how their children are glued to the electronic devices and that the time with those devices should be lessened. Bow decides that it is time to take those away and have her kids find alternative means of entertainment. She takes their gadgets and they decide to try their hands at putting together a puzzle out of sheer boredom. Much to their surprise, they are thrilled to do it. In the meantime, Bow is in an internet fight about vaccines in her mom’s group and winds up internet boxing with her group that she now begins to hate.

Dre, on the other hand, has become “the token black man” at work to work on “The Talk” campaign. Watching this play out really resonated with me. Being a mom of four male children, who are black as well, I have actually had this talk with my two oldest sons. Because unfortunately, it is something that we as black people actually have to do, not as harshly but definitely necessary. It was one of the many reasons’s I gave my black son’s, what would be considered in my culture, as white names. Being born in this country black is hard enough, but being born a black male, they are already losing based on what society thinks that they are or will be. I never think about if other cultures have to do this same exact thing but I guess in the same instances based on the situation they would have to explain why the world is like it is. But yes, it is definitely something that has to be discussed.

Instead of working on the campaign, however, Dre decides to try and get his coworkers to understand why it is needed and that it is not only the black household who does the same thing. He attempts to sit down with each of his coworkers and just have a talk with them to get them to realize, that yes they have had a version of this same talk. And the talks can also vary from male to female. I can remember many things my dad told me about men when I was coming up and the things my mom told me about men. Very different I am sure for my brother’s. My dad always tried to ensure that we handled ourselves a certain way, especially the girls. So, I assume that many households have these talks but in my household race was definitely an issue.

Since Bow has pretty much duked it out with her mom’s group she decides not to listen to them anymore and gives the kids back their electronic devices and decides that she wants to write a book to be informative. Since she comes off as a psycho stay at home doctor. And many people now turn to the internet for advice and decide for themselves that they know more than the people who have actually trained in a particular profession.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode. It really resonated with me and my upbringing and as a mother. Yes, I have had to force my kids to turn off tablets and computers and the smart tv’s and go outside and play. None of which we had as kids. We had dirt and water and leaves, which make great pretend tacos by the way. We had to play outside and get bumps and bruises and scrapes and be home when the street lights come on. But this is definitely a different time. I remember growing up how my mom used to say to me how they didn’t have dishwashers and washing machines and I used to say it is not my fault when I was born. Now, I imagine my kids will say the same to me when I refer to the world wide web. Ironic, I think not…..

Oh, and the kids realized how much they enjoyed doing something other than being on the net and ended putting a puzzle together even though they could access their electronic devices.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode.