1. More time in the Elves side of the world and a better understanding of their place in histoy.
  2. A flashback of the Dark Lord and his fall. A great opening that will show that we are in for a completely different film.
  3.  More time with the  ‘Magic Task Force’ and have them be a stronger presence in the film.
  4. The return of Tikka. Thought she was a great addition to this cast and brought some light to a gritty world.
  5. No more Brights. Ward is a Bright and I think that should be enough. Brights should feel special and important. The more we have, the less meaningful they will feel.
  6. A modern political element to that film that is utilize
  7. Dragons. Because you cant go wrong with dragons. While it might be silly, I personally think it would be a great addition to this film’s universe if used correctly.
  8.  Stronger villains. I felt that villain we got were a bit flat but looking forward to some more developed ones. I would like the villains to be both humans and elves working for The Dark Lord. Keep the Dark Lord himself as sort of an ” Empire from Empire Strikes Back” type role in this film. Save him for the third.
  9. More development on both Ward and Jacoby’s personal lives. I want to see who Jacoby goes home and his family life.
  10. Let’s travel outside of L.A. We are given a concept of a world with magic. Let’s see how the world deals with this on a grander scale.