Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

The 99th episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was one for the books! We got a lot of Die Hard references, a “chill” Amy, and a couple of shocking (not really) revelations!

While the 99 is in LA for the funeral of their old captain, they learn that Holt is up for the position of NYPD Commisioner—one of only four candidates…and his interview is Monday! All of the 99, particularly Jake, gets excited because they know how Holt has always dreamed of this position. They vow to get back to New York in time for his interview, but, as with any good sitcom, their road trip comes with a few bumps along the way (heh heh):

On the way to the airport, they pass America’s most treasured monument: Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard. Jake implores the group to stop so he can take pictures in the building at all of the important spots (there are hundreds). Everything’s fine until they accidentally get locked on one of the floors. They’re stuck there for hours and miss their flights back to New York! And because of bad weather, flights are cancelled for the rest of the day! Jake refuses to give up—Holt deserves that promotion—so he buys a gross RV called “The American Creeper”. Everything is going…as well as to be expected while riding in something called “The American Creeper”, until Holt begins to smell smoke while they’re driving through Texas. The crew gets out just in time as the RV bursts into flames!

All hope seems lost again until Boyle realizes they’re very close to the Texas Boyle’s! They decide to spend the night there. While at the Boyle’s, Charles overhears Rosa talking to her new boo on the phone—he’s been trying to figure out who she’s dating—and Rosa finally reveals that she’s bi and dating a girl. Rosa is visibly uncomfortable and tells Charles to keep it to himself, he’s supportive but a little surprised. This is a great development that I’m sure Stephanie Beatriz, who’s also bisexual, is excited to play. The best part about it is how nonchalant it was brought about. Brooklyn Nine-Nine does this well; I think this sort of writing will help develop a culture that is desperately needed, where same-sex relationships are treated the same as male/female relationships.

Back to the journey home, Jake finds a cargo plane for them to board back to the East Coast, and while they’re on their way in a “Bovine Transportation Unit” the police pull them over because of a drug tip they received. Jake connects the dots and realizes that Holt has been trying to sabotage they’re trip back home so he won’t have to attend the interview!

We’ll see what happens next on the 100th episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!