Hello Nerds!  It took eleven episodes to have two things happen.  First in episode 10 of this season, Shamy FINALLY got back together, and in episode 11, Shamy put the Big Bang into the Theory.  Yes folks, they had coitus.
Let’s start from the beginning shall we; it all starts when Sheldon has a tune in his head that he just can’t identify.  With an eidetic memory, Sheldon is going nuts.  He finally realizes that the tune is the song “Darlin’ ” from The Beach Boys.  After listening to the song, Sheldon realizes that the lyrics remind him of Amy.

Amy, trying to get over Sheldon, invites the Sheldon-obsessed Dave over for dinner.  After a lot of awkwardness and a stolen kiss, they are very happily interrupted by Sheldon.  Sheldon tells Amy that he loves her and he wants her to be his girlfriend again. Amy readily accepts, and with Dave’s urging, Amy and Sheldon kiss.

Meanwhile in another part of Pasadena, Howard and Raj are excited that they have a new “like” on their “Footprints on the Moon” Facebook Page. After a little online stalking, they track down their fan at a local coffee.  They are super psyched, until they realize that their fan is actually just a guy who likes to pick his nose (and eat it).  Better luck next time boys!

In the next episode, the boys get their “Star Wars: The Force Awaken” tickets.  However after Penny lets Sheldon know that it’s the same night as Amy’s birthday, Sheldon is conflicted.  His friendly conscience, the late Arthur Jeffries/ Professor Proton (played by the Great Bob Newhart) who is decked out in a Obi-Won Kenobi costume, advises Sheldon to skip the Star Wars Premiere.  Sheldon takes his advice.

Wanting to get the perfect gift for Amy, Sheldon enlists the help of Penny and Bernadette.  He has decided on three options; a chance for her to play the harp with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. (he has no idea if this is even a thing, but it sounds good), an all-expenses paid trip to the Wisconsin Wool and Sheep Festival, or have sex with Amy. Penny and Bernadette are floored that Sheldon is actually going to be intimate with Amy and overwhelmed that he wants to do it to show her how important she is in his life. They quickly squash the harp and sheep business, in favor of a romantic night. Sheldon is convinced: The best birthday present he can give Amy are his genitals.

After getting another pep talk from Arthur, Sheldon goes over to Amy’s.  Already knowing what is going to happen from Penny and Bernadette, Amy is really nervous, and tells Sheldon of her concerns.  Sheldon eases her mind, reminding her that it is his first time too.  They have a very tender night together.
While Sheldon and Amy are together, the rest of the boys go to the Star Wars Premiere.  They invite Will Wheaton, who shows up in his Star Trek costume (no boo’s please).  After the movie, the boys are very pleased.  As is Sheldon who let’s Amy know that he can’t wait for Amy’s next birthday.

I really love the evolution of Shamy because their relationship is very realistic.  Their love for each other is never romanticized, and you can tell that they were ready for this step.  Major props to Jim Parson and Mayim Bialik for their excellent performance, and to the writers who created this beautiful story.
I leave you with this; when you started watching The Big Bang Theory nine years ago, you never expected this for Sheldon, did you?  Who knows what lies ahead?  Just like the Star Wars Movies, there is so many possibilities.

Happy Holidays Nerds! – Meghan