Hey everyone! Welcome back to TGON plays! it feels like it’s been forever since I wrote a review over a Nintendo game, so I brought you guys a special treat from my childhood…Starfox 64!!


Source: Giphy

This game is one of the biggest chunks of my life, and being able to own it again makes me beyond thrilled. it follows the story of Fox McCloud, a young and talented Pilot who seeks only to protect space. He and his crew are called to help the Lylat System, a unique conglomerate of planets. It’s being attacked by the evil Andross, a creature who wants only to conquer the galaxy with his forces. Some years ago, Fox’s father James, James’s best friend Peppy, and their companion and fellow Pilot Pigma, set out to destroy Andross. James and Peppy, successful in only exiling Andross, were both betrayed by Pigma. The betrayal resulted in the loss of James’s life. Peppy barely escaped with his own and now flies with Fox and his two friends, Falco and Slippy, in the hopes of stopping Andross once and for all.

Now, for it’s time, the storyline is fantastic, but it’s not the only thing that I love so much about this game. The missions are per planet, and the planets and “worlds” vary. From an earth-like planet to an asteroid field, each area has it’s own special set up. Not to mention the fact that depending on how well you do on each level, you’ll potentially get the option to go to a different area than the original storyline layout. It alters the story a bit and reminds me a lot of one of those “Choose your own Path” books from back in the day. Needless to say, I played this game a lot as a kid, and now that I won it as an adult, I’ll probably play it even more and try to beat every world. Don’t get me wrong though readers, this game was and is BEYOND difficult. I died or had to restart on virtiually each level. But it brought out a more competitive side and had me determined to beat it so I could write this review. You can go check out the game for yourselves and let me know what you think! I hope you all enjoyed this blast back to the past!