Meredith is being interviewed after winning the Harper Avery award. The interviewer says Ellis Grey had won two Harper Avery awards and she asks if that’s a goal Meredith has also set for herself. Meredith says she actually wants to win three, just to make her momma jealous. Moving on, the interviewer assumes that ‘what to do next’ is the hardest thing about winning a Harper Avery, but Meredith says these interviews are the hardest part.

interview mer

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Jo practices her ‘chief resident’ speech in the mirror, aiming to sound like Bailey. She asks Alex if she was scary, but she very much wasn’t. It was a weird, forced experience for all of us.

DeLuca and Sam are in the middle of sexy time when their alarms go off. It’s time for work and they forgot to spend the night sleeping.

Arizona gets on the elevator and sees April, Owen and Carina. She and Carina had broken up over a misunderstanding when Sofia was coming home, and now Carina is hooking up with Owen instead.

awk elevator

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Bailey asks Webber to head her new foundation that is funded by ‘an anonymous donor.’ Webber calls her out, saying she just wants to be able to compete in this competition. Webber wants to be able to compete too. He reluctantly agrees after Bailey guilts him for knowing that Ben was training to become a firefighter.

Meredith complains that she doesn’t have time for surgery now that she’s won a Harper Avery. The interviews and everything have kept her busy. Amelia says that that isn’t a real problem, as Maggie accepts a tinder date with a guy named Clive. They approach Jo and her group of interns. Everyone raises their hand and sucks up to Meredith, hoping to be put on her service. Meredith chooses Glasses because he was the least suck up-ish.

everyone raises hands

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Jackson and Maggie’s patient, Claude Markham, is a 66 year old man in need of a total thyroidectomy and bilateral neck dissection. Their intern tells the patient that he should have come in to see them sooner, but Jackson lets him know that that isn’t an appropriate thing to say to a patient. Maggie says his lungs seemed to be a little congested in the scans, so they’re going to do an echo to see if his heart can withstand surgery. A woman walks in. She considers just leaving, but Claude tells her to sit down.

Glasses gives the rundown on Meredith’s patient, Judy. She has an enlarged spleen, but so far the doctors don’t know the cause. Judy agrees to the surgery, as long as it’s going to make her stomach feel better. During the interaction, Glasses misses a few social cues, making things feel more awkward than necessary. In the hall, Glasses thanks Meredith for this opportunity, despite his past mistakes.

glasses and judy

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Jo and Alex’s intern introduces their patient, Frankie, a seven year old with Factor Five Leiden, or essentially Thick Blood Disease. He needs to be on anticoagulant with Vitamin K before his surgery. Frankie betrays his mother and tells Alex and Jo that his mother is in the bathroom making herself look pretty for Dr. Alex.

frankie and docs

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Jackson and Maggie discuss the awkwardness of Claude and the woman who showed up earlier. Maggie says it seems like the worst first date, and Jackson comments on the age difference. The woman runs out and says “Dr. Avery, my father can’t breathe!” clearing up the mystery of their relation. He appears to be flatlining, and Jackson works on helping him. Maggie notices that the monitor seems to not be working properly.

flatlining claude

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In the ER, all of the monitors flatline, and doctors scramble to help the patients. After some missteps, they realize that these patients are fine and the monitors are malfunctioning.


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Meredith gives Judy a pep talk before her surgery. Judy has never even been in a hospital, let alone had surgery, so she’s extremely nervous about this whole thing. Meredith assures her that they do this every day and know what they’re doing. One of the other workers in the room notices that the monitor isn’t working properly and says she’ll bring in a different one.

pre op judy

Alex and Jo ask their intern what medication Frankie was given last so that they can figure out why his head is hurting and what they can safely give him. She tries to open his file on the hospital tablet, but the screen is locked. Alex takes it from her and tries it himself, but it doesn’t work.

Arizona tells Bailey that OB is short staffed and they keep paging her when she’s not an OB. Bailey says that Carina is an OB, and to page her. She’s not supposed to be authorized to work here, but Bailey allows it under the circumstances. She realizes that she can’t access the medical files, and just then, a message pops up on every screen. Their system has been hacked, and the hackers are demanding 4,932 bitcoin to return the control of medical files back to the hospital.


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The surgeons frantically ask Bailey what they’re going to do. The FBI swoops in and asks everyone to step away from the computers. All of the technology is to be powered down and everyone needs to disconnect from the wifi. Bailey sarcastically asks if they’re supposed to communicate through carrier pigeons.

Webber hands out paper charts and asks everyone to exchange cell phone numbers in case they need to contact each other. Since the monitors can’t be trusted, the doctors are going to actually take their patients’ vitals.

Claude’s daughter asks if her father is dying right now. Maggie explains that he has ARDS and will need to be put on cardiorespiratory bypass so his lungs can rest and heal. They need her to sign a consent form, but she says she can’t. She explains that she didn’t know her father until a month ago. He came to her mother’s funeral, and he seemed like a pretty good guy. She starts to cry over the idea of losing this person she’s only just met. Maggie suggests that she sign the consent form so she can get to know him once he’s okay and not dying.

Meredith’s procedure is laparoscopic, but she’s considering switching to an open procedure, since it’s dangerous to be relying on technology right now with the hackers. However, she talks herself into continuing with the current procedure.


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Arizona asks Carina to help in OB and explains the current hacking situation. A woman in labor is trying to be admitted to the hospital, but April says they aren’t accepting patients right now. They explain that the woman was having a homebirth, but panicked and wanted to come to the hospital. Arizona tells someone to get a gurney. Arizona asks to spread the word that she’s not an OB and to page Carina instead.

Owen tries to get a CT scan for his patient. He asks people to move out of his way, but all of the people in his way are also in line for a CT. He thinks his patient should have priority, but so does everyone else.

Webber thinks they should just pay the ransom. He says that if it’s only 5,000 the hackers want, he’ll write a check right now with his own money. (Must be nice to be able to do that.) The IT guy clarifies that it’s 5,000 bitcoin, which converts to $20 million. Usually these hackers will go after an amount they know you can hand over, so the FBI isn’t sure why it’s so high, but Bailey realizes it’s because of the contest Jackson asked her to start. Jackson walks in and Bailey says she needs him to hand over the $20 million. The FBI says it isn’t this simple. If they let them have this money, everyone will know that this happened, and more people will try to pull something like this at more hospitals. Jackson is still on Bailey’s side and tells her to contact him as soon as they decide they need the money.

webb bai

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Arizona, paged to OB again, asks Carina to tell everyone to stop paging her to OB. She explains that she can deliver babies and she used to be a pediatric surgeon, but now she operates on fetuses and expecting mothers. Carina clarifies that she paged Arizona because she’s ‘the kindest person here,’ and she thought maybe she could calm down Peggy.

paging arizona

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With CT backed up, Webber has to think outside of the box for his patient who may have internal bleeding. He asks April to find a newspaper. She runs out into the waiting room and steals one from someone who is doing a crossword puzzle. He puts the fluid bag in front of the newspaper. He comments that it’s pinkish, but if you can read through the bag, there isn’t a significant amount of bleeding.

crossword blood

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Frankie finally gets his CT and it’s clear, but Amelia says it may be too early to see another clot, so they’ll need to monitor it. Jo finds Frankie’s nurse and asks if Frankie got his dose of Vitamin K last night. The nurse says he didn’t work last night and he’s not sure who did. He suggests checking the medical logs, but, again, they’re locked. If he gets too much Vitamin K, he could get a brain bleed, but if he doesn’t have enough, he could have a stroke. Jo talks to Frankie, who says he doesn’t know who the nurse was, but he got his injection during Doc McStuffins, which was on at 6 am. The nurse says Karen was working at 6, and they head off to find her.

inquisitive jo

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When Owen and his patient finally make it to the front of the CT line, the power goes out. Even though the lights come back on, Meredith decides to open up Judy for the rest of the procedure. Glasses takes off to get blood from the blood bank, but he’s locked out. Quel surprise!

Claude’s daughter, Naomi, is concerned with his doctor’s decision to transfer hospitals. They assure her that this is what’s best for him, since the hospital is having some ‘technical difficulties.’ Once in the elevator, Jackson says it’s kind of weird that Naomi just met her father, and Maggie just met her father a couple of years ago, and Jackson just met his father last year. Maggie didn’t know he had recently met his dad. Jackson recounts his only memory of his father playing with him in a pool at their country club. Maggie says that she used to work at that country club, which is a weird coincidence. She says they come from very different families, since he was a member and she was employed there. Jackson says ‘Thank goodness for that.’

elevator jaggie

Jo finds Karen but she had been too preoccupied with another patient this morning and had Taylor cover with Frankie. Jo asks ‘boy Taylor or girl Taylor?’ Once she has her answer, she runs off to find him.

Frankie keeps vomiting from the pain. He tells Alex that he feels like he’s dying, and if he dies, for Alex to please marry his mom.

sick frankie

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Peggy doesn’t want to stay in a hospital that loses electricity and tries to walk out. Arizona says it’s important that she stay now. She notices Peggy’s walk is weird and feels between her legs. She can feel the baby’s head. Peggy panics about what a terrible mom she may turn out to be, but Arizona says this baby is coming no matter what. With Arizona’s encouragement and a few pushes, a lil bb is borned.

bb borned

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Glasses reports back to Meredith that the blood bank is locked up. Meredith says that her patient needs blood badly. As she freaks out, Glasses tells her ‘You’ve got this!’ She says that if she knew she didn’t have access to blood, she never would have opened her up. After a beat, she has an idea. She asks who is O- blood type. Glasses meekly raises his hand.

o neg

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Maggie is a little nervous on her first helicopter ride. Jackson brings the conversation back to their previous topic of the country club. He thinks he would have remembered her working there. Maggie asks why Jackson had said ‘thank goodness for that’ in response to being from different families. Before he can respond, the tube attached to the blood bag comes loose and sprays blood everywhere. In a rush to make it stop, they drop their phone into a pool of blood.

heli jaggie

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Bailey asks the FBI agents if they’re any closer to putting a stop to the hacking. When it becomes apparent that they’re not, Bailey decides it’s time to call Jackson to pay the hackers. As we know, though, Jackson’s phone is on the floor, covered in blood.

bloody phone

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Jo finds Boy Taylor leaving the hospital and stops him to ask if he gave Frankie Vitamin K that morning. It takes him a minute to remember, but he says that that was scheduled for the day shift. He’s still anticoagulated, and Taylor warns them not to give him heparin now because it’ll make him bleed out. We see Alex holding the syringe, about to give out the dose. Jo keeps trying to call Alex, but she has no signal. She tries sending a text as she leaves the elevator. Distracted, she almost runs into a man who addresses her as Brooke. It’s her husband who has found her now that she’s filed for divorce.

jo brooke paul

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So what did you think of the midseason finale? Are you shocked that midseason came only 8 episodes in? I’ve heard some people argue that this was an amazing finale with so many cliffhangers, but I felt the cliffhangers lack, somehow. There are too many. It’s too unfocused, and who knows if we’ll even remember it all come January. Lucky for you, you can read all Grey’s season 14 recaps here at The Game of Nerds!