The Flash is quickly approaching it’s winter break and I can already tell they’re going to leave us with some major cliffhanger to mull over while we try and focus on the holidays. But lets be honest, who really cares about holidays when theres TV to care about?! In the coming week, the CW is planning on having a major crossover event with all of your favorite superheroes and all of this is happening at the SAME TIME that Barry and Iris are getting married. Anyone else rooting for a super villain interrupting the ceremony?! No, just me? Oh well that’s awkward…

The way I see it is that these few upcoming episodes are going to have major changes for all of the shows. There’s a lot of different directions they could take The Flash and this episode seems to be the launching ground for all of that. What I liked about this episode is that it had more of Barry using his brains and not just his brawn. He’s a smart guy so I like to see him outsmart the villain and I wish we would see more of that. I think DeVoe is going to end up being a good villain. I liked the flashbacks . We got to see how he got his powers, how he was there with the particle exelerator, and how even though he’s quite the jerk. He’s really not going around saying “I want to take over the WORLD” which is what lots of their villains end up doing. So the whole backstory was good, but his wife was just a bland person I don’t really see why they threw her in if she wasn’t going to have any personality whatsoever! I get that she is important to his story and she’s his mechanic, but really does she have to be so boring?! Also, I feel like him being called “The Thinker” is a little, cocky on the writers part, like they’re telling you he’s the smart character, but not showing you he’s smart. Also, what is his main motive in wanting to fight the Flash? They do this a lot too, just have someone want to fight the Flash because he’s the best without really having a reason other than a challenge.

I don’t really get why they brought Wally back, as in, why did they have him leave so soon if he was going to come back so soon? We know he’s going to leave again soon, but why did they have this big “Wally’s leaving!” thing, if he was going to be back within like, what 3 episodes?

Barry and Iris

Barry And Iris – The Flash – The CW

There was a little bit too much wedding talk for me, but maybe that’s just because I feel like Barry and Iris shouldn’t be together, seriously, it feels weirdly incestuous to me! But alas, I’m sure that something is going to happen, mainly because it’s an action show and why would a wedding go smoothly? Also it seems like this is going to be the launching point for the crossover.

Side note though: Doesn’t DeVoe look so different with his hair than with his cap? But on a serious note: overall I really liked the episode, I liked the flashbacks to season one and it got me really excited for next week! If you want to read more on The Flash check out any previous reviews on the site, and tune in every Tuesday to The CW, and with that in mind, prepare yourselves for the next 4-show crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends Of Tomorrow!