Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

The quest for TOIT NUPS is a lofty one. Not many engaged couples can attain them, but if anyone could, it would be #Peraltiago. These two were on fire with their wedding planning. Venue? Booked (A castle/mansion). Food? Booked. Flowers? Booked. Cake? Photographer? Booked. All chosen because they helped support the toitest of nups. …until…Venue? Not so booked. Some swooped in and took it from them! Who would do that?? Only the Vulture! Yep, he’s back, and this time, he’s engaged! You would think he’d be engaged to someone equally as scum-baggy, right? Wrong! This girl, Jean, is kind, runs a charity, and the wholesome and pure kind of beautiful that just makes you like her right away. How the hell did the Vulture score her? By lying. And he still can’t stop, becaus he cheats on her, and Jake and Amy figured that out. They exposed the Vulture’s philandering ways to spare Jean unnecessary heartache (and as a plus, get back their venue), and while that worked, the Vulture chose to keep the venue out of spite and have an icky girls jello wrestling party (or something similar) the same night as Jake and Amy’s wedding–which will now take place at a rec center. Hitchcock would rather go to the Vulture’s party…so I think Peraltiago actually dodged a bullet there.

At the precinct…

Rosa and Charles (begrudgingly) had to save the NYPD horse, Peanutbutter, who’d been kidnapped by some scumbag. Charles hates Peanutbutter because he stole the spotlight on the day he got his Medal of Honor. And he stole the spotlight again when Charles rescued him! Everyone thought Peanutbutter saved Charles! Until Rosa let the dashcam footage leak and Charles got the recognition he deserves. Such a cute friendship right there. Do you remember back in season one when Charles was in love with Rosa?? My, how things change.

And the more things change, the more they stay the same. Terry is in a bit of hot water because of his ego and his incessant need for peer approval. When he thinks a 99 cop, Teri, doesn’t like him, he goes to great lengths to try to win her over. Holt points out that he’s wasting his time, and getting the admiration of everyone is unattainable. At the end of the episode, we think we’ve seen some growth from Terry, but then Holt pays him a compliment and he reverts back to his vice! Who are we kidding, Terry loves compliments and love! (Read that in his voice, please)