As expected, the finale opened with a fun twist: a time jump to Kai in jail. We get a satisfying scene of him receiving a prison beast down to then have it tainted by learning he’s amassing a military within the prison and continuing on with his insane plans. We aren’t about to complain about the adrenaline and twists of those prison sequences though! Like his indoctrinating the female guard and her allowing him to manipulate her.

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The flashbacks were nice to see how Ally outmaneuvered Kai and won her battle. Her killing the nole and reporting the rest of his findings herself was genius and we didn’t see it coming! The actual raid was glorious and everything we wanted it to be, and we are glad Beverley made it out alive. We appreciated the reunion scene at Ally’s restaurant and seeing how she has “moved on” but we couldn’t help but think it was ridiculous she didn’t move away, enter a protection program, or at least keep a low profile and the entire plotline of her running for a public office seemed extremely farfetched. Even more hard to believe was Kai’s faking his death by killing and disfiguring a sheepish, similar looking inmate after recruiting him and making him get identical tattoos. The tattoos wouldn’t look fresh and a little red? This episode asked for a little too much suspension of disbelief for being in a season with no supernatural twists.

But twists we got when Kai escapes and shows up at a keynote debate and insights the seasons second mass shooting. This isn’t the focus however, his standoff with Ally is,  and everything is completely overshadowed by Ally dropping the best line of the season, “There is something more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man: a nasty woman.” 

We got another interesting twist when it’s revealed the guard was secretly a double agent for Ally and gave Kai an unloaded gun and lead him to his death, where Ally humiliates him for the final time (per the quote) and Beverley delivers the killing blow, getting closure for herself but 0 closure for us as an audience because it never indicates what the repercussions for her are or if she fully recovers mentally from all the trauma he caused. 

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The  final reveal left a bad taste in our mouth when we see Ally put on her Scum robe and its implied she’s probably the new leader for their movement….a far cry from assassinating their former leader and original member Bebe in the last episode, but I guess we always need an unsatisfying twist in an AHS finale that undercuts the season.