We’re back with another Overwatch Tips! We’ll be going over literally the easiest character in the game, Soldier: 76! But don’t let his shallow learning curve fool you, Soldier is a great hero to have on your team. Hopefully you can pick up a few things you might not have known yet! (If you’ve played COD you will learn quick).


Soldier is an all around good hero no matter the distance, but he is most effective from medium to long-range. He does not have any damage drop off from long distance so you can hit anyone from any distance as long as you have the accuracy. Also shooting in spurts will reduce your weapon kick and help you land more precise shots.

Tactical Visor

Soldier’s ultimate is almost unfair if used at the right time. You must be wary of some heroes like Genji, D.Va, and Reinhardt. Genji can deflect all that’s coming at him while D.Va can just eat it. And if you ult in front of a Reinhardt all that damage is going into his shield. So putting yourself behind his shield or waiting until it’s gone is your best option. Quick Tip: The difference between shooting a shield with and without using your helix rocket is very minimal. So save that rocket for better use and just keep spraying that shield.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

High Ground

If you find a situation where you have pushed the enemy team off and you have a couple of seconds to breathe, use that time to find a vantage point high up so you can survey the enemy team coming in. Most heroes will have a harder time getting you than you being on the ground level to them. This also can make enemies miss their projectiles a lot more often, leading to your team taking advantage of your smart positioning.


Soldier is very effective towards the likes of Pharah, Torbjorn, Bastion, and Tracer. Being a long-range hero with no damage fall off, you can shoot a couple accurate spurts towards Pharah and swat her out of the sky! Torbjorn and Bastion are mostly stationary and Soldier can also get to a far away distance to make them more or potentially get rid of them. And Tracer has such low health that you can finish her with a helix rocket and a quick spurt from your rifle.

Solider will need to look out for heroes like Genji, Mei, and Widowmaker. Genji is very hard to hit because he moves so unpredictably and he can reflect everything back at you including you helix rocket. Mei will be able to slow down all the running around you do and finish you off no questions asked. All she needs to do is sneak right past you. And a good Widowmaker will be able to beat a Solider from far away every time. While you are focussing spurts at a single target, she just has to line up a rather easy shot.

Soldier no matter what nerfs or buffs they gave him is still able to hold his own in the meta. It’s all about using the simplicity of his character and use it in a way that hasn’t been used before. Good luck, I got you in my sights!