On the latest episode of Gotham, fans were introduced to one of the most obscure Batman villains to date, Professor Pyg. Known for seeing “flaws” in his victims that he tries to fix, he’s contended with Batman more than once over his maimed, or even dead, victims. In “Hog Day Afternoon,” the victims on Pyg’s “fix-it” list are the crooked GCPD cops on Penguin’s Payroll. He positions them where they’ll be found and drapes a severed pig’s head over theirs, obviously sending a message to the Gotham Police. The alarmingly frequent police murder lead Harvey Bullock to getting his throat sliced open; though he doesn’t die, it does put a huge strain on their friendship when Jim realizes that Harvey has been taking payments from Cobblepot since the start of the licenses. Harvey, I love you buddy, but you’re better than that.

Heeeere Piggie Piggie Piggie

Oink Oink – Gotham – Fox

side note: As an avid fan of Pyg, I was beyond thrilled that they didn’t turn him into a second-hand-filler-villain, and maintained his fascinating and creepy quirks.

Before I get into the Sofia Falcone/Oswald Cobblepot storyline, I HAVE to say: Every time Sofia walks away from someone or something, all I hear is Demi Lovato singing “cause baby I’m the baddest, you f*ckin’ with a savage…” and I fall in love with those deadly dimples a little bit more every time. In any case, she and Oswald have become fast friends, and in an absolutely cunning, risky, well-played plan, she cancels a lunch date with him to attend other matters. Upset that his not-a-date-shut-up-Victor didn’t happen, Oswald has Zsasz follow her. Lo and behold, what Penguin believes is a fortress she’s building to wage war against him, is ACTUALLY an orphanage that she wanted to surprise him with. She is brilliant, cunning, and we’re all putty in her gangster-bred hands.

God Bless Sofia Falcone

Heaven Help My Heart – Gotham – Fox

And finally we arrive to the new holy trinity: Lee Thompkins, Ed Nygma, and Solomon Grundy. I’m still not overly confident about the add on of Grundy, but I am LOVING the dynamic between Lee and Ed right now. Lee just…gives zero shits about anything Ed is doing. It seems like he’s getting dumber by the second to be honest, but when Nygma’s prizefighter beats both of the Hammer brothers (two more relatively unknown Batman villains) he hits the jackpot. Grundy becomes the new cash cow for the showrunner, and even though Ed tries just so diddly-darn hard to get Lee to fix his broken lil’ brain, she’s got her own issues – like her illegal clinic to help the low-income families of Gotham that got hit hardest by the Tetch virus. (she still has feelings and I love her so much god bless you Morena Baccarin!) Ed tries to use this knowledge to his advantage, but his noodle can’t figure out how to blackmail her. Thankfully, the fates seem to be smiling at him, because Lee tells him she’ll help – only if he pays her so she can afford medicine for the clinic.

This episode was a GREAT story, and I’m so glad that Gotham is finally calming down with their storylines. I seriously look forward to the latest episode, and I hope you all do too. Tune in with us every Thursday on Fox to catch up on the latest episode of Gotham!

Poor Ed's little Noodle is broken

Ed Broke His Noodle – Gotham – Fox