This week’s episode should actually be titled “The one where Eva Green deserves ALL the awards’. It’s another Vanessa-centric episode and it is a doozy!

For probably the first time in the series I was a little disappointed to hear that we’d only be seeing three actors for this entire episode. I love the episodes in previous seasons that revolved strictly around Vanessa and her insane past.

But I really want to keep going with the Ethan/Hecate plot and the Dorian/Lily plot so I was a little put out at first.

Then I watched the episode. This episode messed me up ya’ll. I think it took me almost two hours to actually watch the entire thing because I kept pausing and pacing around. I cried. I legit cried.

I know I always say Eva Green deserves all the awards but this show keeps proving that all of their actors deserve them. Last season with Lily’s epic speech to The Creature showed how amazing Billie Piper was, and this season demonstrated that Rory Kinnear is just killing it as well.

I am not a fan of The Creature. I think he is far too whiny and, I’m sorry, but a little pathetic. But wow did my opinion change this week. Playing the human version of his previous self, we still don’t know his name, he just knocked it out of the park.

The entire episode took place in a padded cell in the Banning Clinic where Vanessa was imprisoned right after The Mina Crisis.

We only see Eva Green, Rory Kinnear, and short bouts of Patti LuPone. But surprise! We actually get see five characters throughout the episode.

Guys Vanessa was not having a good time here and she thoroughly creeped me out and made me want to cry several times.

She was institutionalized because she lost her mind after the whole thing with Mina and started going on about the Devil and such. Which, okay understandable. But she was KEPT there not only because of that talk, but because this is a woman not meant for the 19th century.

Vanessa saw herself as her own woman. Unique and special in her own right and she didn’t want to have to rely on anyone in this life. That’s pretty much the exact opposite of what stuffy Victorian Aged men wanted their women to be like.

The only bright spot in her time in this cell is the orderly, The Creature’s human self. He’s truly cared about this woman. After going in and out bring her food and cleaning up after her he started talking to her. He realizes she’s not a complete loon, maybe needs a little help but that she definitely didn’t deserve the torture the ‘doctors’ were inflicting upon her.

And he definitely realized it was torture. At the beginning of the episode, he kept insisting that they weren’t hurting her, that this was science that it was to help her. It was only after finding her shivering and soaking wet on the floor and who knows what other kind of states he had found her in, that he saw the whole practice for what it really was. Inhumane torture.

This whole bit made me realize something about all of Frankenstein’s creatures. They both come back as more intense versions of their previous selves. The Creature was already a very kind man. He went out of his way and did this for Vanessa that he had not obligation to do and he even started to love her. (I’m going to say brotherly love because girl does not need anymore boys falling all over her)

Patti LuPone’s Doctor makes a couple of appearances throughout the episode, coming through Vanessa’s subconsciousness to help her through the dream.

My favorite part was, after Lucifer and shown himself to Vanessa for the first time, wearing The Human Man’s face no less, Seward showed up to Vanessa begging for her to end the session. But she couldn’t. Vanessa had sunken so far into this state that nothing was waking her up, not even a cigarette being put on on her hand would wake her. So she was stuck in this dream world until she had seen whatever she needed to

But no, the actual best part was when Seward held her close, and promised her she wasn’t going to leave her “Not for anything in this world”. MY HEART. Oh!

We see Vanessa go through some more treatments and grow closer with the man until Lucifer shows up once again to make his claim. It’s very interesting dialogue they exchange and it only makes me more curious as what exactly Vanessa’s origins are. Could she also be one of the fallen angels that supposedly fell with Lucifer?

She seems to be digging his ‘Lets take over the world in darkness’ speech, as she always tends to do, until another visitor makes his presence known.

Having Rory Kinnear play both Lucifer AND Dracula was a inspired choice, since the myth in the show is that they are brothers that used to be one whole being.

What is even more intriguing is that Drac seems to scare Lucifer. I definitely was not expecting that. I was kind of thinking it’d be the other way around for sure.

Dracula also makes his “We shall eat the world” speech and it seems like Vanessa is giving in to him too, but no! She played him like a fool and I just adore her. All she wanted was his true name!

At that point Vanessa becomes the powerhouse in the room and it is beautiful.

“Who are you to defy me?!”

“I am nothing. I am more than a blade of grass. But I am! You think you know evil? Here it stands.”

She then starts speaking the Verbis Diablo, well before The Cut Wife told her anything about it, and banishes both evil entities.

The doctor this now is obviously the time that she is going to wake up, but Vanessa had one more thing to see. She needed to see how she truly changed The Human Man.

She has all of her hair shaved off the next day and waiting to get her head cut open, just like he warned her would happen. When he comes in to see her that day, it’s to tell her that he quit, because while talking to his son the night before, he realized how horrible that place truly was and wanted more in life.

However, he promised that he would be there the next day, before she went in for surgery, so the last person she saw would be some one who loved her. MY POOR BLEEDING HEART OH MY GOD. Ugh I hope these two get to see each other in real time soon.

Vanessa finally wakes in Dr. Seward’s office. We see night has fallen and the ashtray that was empty at the beginning is now over flowing while countless notes are covering her desk. She expects that Vanessa barely remembers anything that had happened.

Oh no, she remembers every second of that dream. And the thing she remembers best? His name, Dracula.

Article Submitted by Jenn Lueck