Scott Everett White/The CW

The second episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gave us a new opening number, the most songs ever, a sexy masquerade ball and a kiss not-too-long in the making.

First, we gotta talk about the new theme! Season one had a catchy opening that really told us the story and served as exposition. Season 2’s shorter theme was all about love because Becks thought she was happy. At the end of the season, Josh called her crazy and she agreed that she probably was a little. From the country star to the pop star to the rock star to the rap star, Joseph Kahn (!) directs Rachel Bloom in all these different genres while she skewers the confusing messaging women (& men) get about being “crazy.”

Still on her quest to destroy Josh and feeling bored with Paula’s legal action plan, Rebecca decides to ask Nathaniel for help. He agrees to help because he’s a good guy, or actually because she says he can do anything he wants to her if he does. They spend the entire episode navigating a shit-ton of sexual tension, culminating in the hookup we’ve all been waiting for.

Before the hookup happens, Nathaniel sends Rebecca a slutty dress and some slutty lingerie and invites her to meet him out on the roof. They take a helicopter from there and head to a masquerade party (Becks not wearing any of his nonsense because “the underwear cut her muffin top into burger buns.”) At the party, they mingle with the most powerful people in West Covina and Rebecca suppresses all her political urges to get them to like and help her. Nathaniel is also floating about, finding the perfect four people to destroy Josh Chan. This next song is the sexiest the show has ever done and makes fun of women’s lingerie while totally embracing the theatrical genre and getting Rebecca & Nathaniel together at last.

Unfortunately, the next morning, pillow talk includes Nathaniel telling Rebecca about the destruction plan. They’re going after the thing Josh loves the most (not video games), his family. After hearing that Nate his getting Josh’s sister kicked out of school and messing with both his dad and grandpa, Rebecca makes him undo the whole thing!

Completely unaware that his life was almost turned upside down, Josh is still trying to figure out his life at the seminary. We learn that he really is running from his problems by joining the priesthood, trying to escape the guilt he feels from leaving Rebecca the way that he did and not getting in touch with her to apologize. In his defense, has HAS written multiple email drafts that he never sent.

His boys WiJo & Hector even visit him to give him advice and tell him to maybe rethink this or put more thought into it because of all the schooling that’s involved. But Josh is guilt ridden and he will not budge.

That is until Rebecca shows up at the end of the episode, in her wedding dress, while Josh is passing the collections basket at mass, to literally yell-sing at him. Paula’s Rose style angry song gets repurposed here so Rebecca can tell Josh off about everything he made her do that he didn’t ask for.

When she’s done, Josh is thrilled, because he realizes that it wasn’t ever really his fault (it was) and so his guilt finally fades away. Chan is probably going to leave the priesthood after this, because let’s be real, he’s not the type that would go to Grad School.

This moment is super cathartic for Rebecca though, she struts out of there, more confident than we’ve seen her in a while. She gets in her car AND THEN she realizes that she literally just told Josh EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. some of that shit is illegal guys. Becks finally grasps this and then starts freaking the fuck out, rightfully.

In B plot land, Maya & Paula make Tim realize that he’s never given his wife an orgasm. He’s sure she comes at the same time as he does every time, and loves brushing her teeth right after the sex. They help him realize that she’s faking it, and then buzzing one out in the bathroom to get herself off. Tim learns about the orgasm gap, about the importance of clitoral simulation and honestly I hope he learned about communication too because his wife definitely should have told him at some point in their ELEVEN YEARS together that he was not fulfilling her sexual needs.

Shoutout to this show for doing so much to educate the masses about female sexuality and stimulation while not feeling like an after school special and not being scared of the truth.

A brand Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs tonight on The CW.