In the newest episode of Modern Family, a lot of questions were posed, and damn if I won’t ask them. The real question is will they get answered? Shorty is back in town and Jay is ready for some long-awaited “best friend” time! Will he be able to reconnect with his BFF? Claire and Phil are ready to take their marriage to the next level and decide to take part in body painting. Will their marriage get the spark back that they were looking for or is it all for naught?

Meanwhile Ben and Alex contemplate whether they’re ready for next step in their relationship – but will Ben be able to perform under pressure? Does Lily have enough extracurricular activities? Does Gloria give Manny the space that he wants in order to grow into the well-rounded college student he aims to be? Does she ever get the revenge she wants to get on Stella? I’m a VERY CURIOUS PERSON, OK.

“Sex, Lies and Kickball” is centered around one of America’s most favored families and their ability to cope with everyday obstacles.

After years of living in Costa Rica, Jay’s ( Ed O’Neil) longtime best friend Shorty ( Chazz Palminteri) comes back in time for some must needed “best friend “time – or so he thinks. After inviting him to stay over Jay realizes that it might have been a bad idea, as Shorty becomes Gloria’s ( Sofia Vergara) replacement for her wayward son.

Alex ( Ariel Winter) decides to visit home and take her boyfriend Ben ( Joe Mande) with her only to turn a seemingly innocent night into one filled with passion painting. While Cam ( Eric Stonestreet)  and Mitchell ( Jesse Tyler Ferguson) decide to make an input on their friend Pepper’s ( Nathan Lane ) life when it comes to their latest triumph – fatherhood. While intruding on Lionel’s ( Gabriel Maddox Maier) way of life, they soon realize that maybe they are not always on the right when it comes to raising Lily.

Claire ( Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burrell) try to spice up their love life with disastrous results. Their parenting skills are also starting to get tested when it comes to their children and relationships. Claire does go the extra mile for some extra needed attention from Alex.

The next episode of Modern Family is titled ” The Great Pumpkin” tonight. Be sure to tune in and check it out!