The Walking Dead Season 8 Is Here!

Season 8 of the Walking Dead returns tonight, and for this show in particular, how this starts off will play a big role in the viewership. Last year it started strong, but after killing off two of it’s bigger names in gruesome ways, a large dropped and never returned. In addition to that, Rick just wasn’t himself, and made the show less interesting because of it. It in a way reminded me of Season 2, very drama based, little action, Rick not in any sort of control. When Rick’s at his best so is the show.

Thankfully, at least early on, it looks like Rick might have some of his swagger back. He is ready to fight back in a big way, and he has a way to rally those around him to victory, will it happen? Only time will tell, will it come at great loss? Absolutely, in an all war it is a great way to cut the roster from a economical standpoint, tons and tons of extras will be gone, who else might get taken out? With no information at all, I would not shocked to see Carol, Morgan, and Aaron as some name characters to get taken out this year.

I look forward to Maggie leading, I hope Gregory dies, I do not see Negan dying this season, I do see this war potentially dragging out over the season, though it’s just as easy that Rick fails and the Saviors put Rick in a cage. Rick needs to get off to a fast start, get an early win, get the followers behind him a bit more, and it will get him and the viewers rocking for the season.

On another note, despite the signs, I have no idea where Eugene and Dwight’s loyalties lie. I’m sure we are to get answers quick and swift episode one.


Author: Jon Hicks

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