The Season Premiere of Supergirl, “The Girl Of Steel,” opens with the Kryptonian herself floating over the night skies of National City. Her eyes are closed, and we see a dream sequence where she’s reunited with not only Mon-El, but her mother as well. Things get pretty heavy and emotional, and while this show tends to be on the lighter side of superhero entertainment, the premiere showed us that it’s not always butterflies and flowers for the girl who gets her powers from the sun. A lot happened this episode, and I’m going to go over the key points, since well…you’re not here to just read a play by play of the entire episode.


Kara shuts herself down after the loss of Mon-El, whom she’d had to forcibly send away in Season 2, during the Daxamite invasion. In an attempt to keep herself from feeling, she essentially estranges herself from her friends and family, shuts down attempts at hanging out, and even goes so far as to quit her job at Catco. She dedicates herself to being only Supergirl, while leaning heavily on the excuse that that’s where she makes the most difference. It’s heartbreaking to see one of our favorite characters sort of just…retract into herself, but emotional pain can do that to a person.

Superdad tryn' to protect his superdaughter

Superdad protecting his SuperDaughter – Supergirl – The CW


Lena and James join a board meeting that looks to be nothing but CEOs; the meeting led by Morgan Edge, whose plans to rezone the city could potentially ruin people’s lives. Lena says as much, while simultaneously praising Supergirl for her work in helping National City back onto its feet – so much so that the Girl Of Steel will be getting her own statue by the NC waterfront. Morgan seems to dislike Lena, and makes snide comments about the Luthor name, even mentioning the likes of Lex and Lillian. He crucifies Catco for having praised her, while dragging his name through the mud for his “efforts on saving the city.” Mostly he’s just an asshole and I want one scene of Lena kicking him in the nads.

Lena is super gay for super girl

The Pride In Lena’s Face Is My Favorite Thing About Life – Supergirl – The CW

Alex and Maggie:

Alex shows some reservations about having a big wedding, which initially upsets Triple D. (Detective Deep Dimples), though after talking through their comms, Maggie figures out that Alex doesn’t want to have such a huge event because her father won’t be there. Her Soon-To-Be-Wife reassures her that whatever the decision, it’ll be the right one. In a moment of comedic relief, Winn interrupts with a love-filled sigh about how Alex and Maggie are his favorite couple. They both tell him to shut up and get off of the comms. Things really do work out in the end though, because in a tearful exchange, Alex asks J’onn to walk her down the isle. She tells Spacedad that he “Can’t cry, because if he cries, she’s going to cry and then everyone at the agency will know they actually CAN cry.”

Superdadd and Supergay

Supergay Tryin’ To Get Superdad to REIGN In His feelings (I’m hilarious.) – Supergirl – The CW

The Villain(s) Of The Episode:

The season opener had us meeting Robert Dubois, otherwise known as “Bloodsport,” an ex-military-man-turned-bad-guy. Responsible for multiple bombings, it was Bloodsport’s goal to get a high pressure regulator and a cloaking device; two things he could find from a Daxamite ship at his former airbase. Kara goes to the airbase to find answers, but instead she finds the ship. Dubois drops out of it and makes a break for it, though Supergirl decides not to follow and instead aids a fallen soldier.

Robert Dubois

Robert “Bloodsport” Dubois – Supergirl – The CW

Though Robert Dubois was the one getting his hands dirty, Morgan Edge was the real mastermind behind the attack. He hired Dubois to go after the Statue reveal,  and in an attempt to lower the “slander” against his name, he attempted to purchase Catco magazine, a move that did NOT go over well with any of the Superfriends. Lena decided to spite him by purchasing Catco herself, which in turn has Kara rethinking her current status within…or rather, without, the company. Edge walks in ranting and threatening Lena, and while Kara excuses herself, only moments later does Supergirl arrive. (The look on Lena’s face is absolutely priceless, like…are we sure she doesn’t know that Kara is Supergirl?) Anyway, Kara carries Morgan to a freighter ship and leaves him there to basically float away.

Try To Find The Sexist

Kara Likes To Play A Game Called ‘Spot The Sexist’ – Supergirl – The CW


During the attack on the waterfront, we see Reign, though no one necessarily knows it’s her yet. Her daughter bumps into Alex before the ceremony, and it seems she’s like any normal mom when she forces her daughter to apologize and cracks a joke about spending time with her while she still can. In the midst of the attack, a piece of metal lands on her daughter, and in an adrenaline-spiked act, she manage to lift the solid steel away and rescue her daughter. At the end, Reign, for some reason, visits Kara’s dream, where she greets Alura Zor-El, Kara’s mother. But Alura isn’t herself, and she morphs into a horrifying creature that has Reign waking up in a cold sweat.


First Look At Reign – Supergirl – The CW

All-in-All, it was a fantastic opener for the season, and while I’m excited to see Supergirl come back to herself and enjoy the time she has with her friends and family, I’m more excited to see the “Biggest, Gayest wedding National City has ever seen.” BRING ON THE ROMANCE BETWEEN MY TWO FAVORITE GIRLS! – Winn, probably. (Also me.) And be sure to tune in every Monday to the CW to catch up on the newest episodes of Supergirl!