The members of Fear were on the move yet again. In a reaccuring fashion they were scattered about. Strand knows that they are in a world of hurt since they have lost the ranch and all the supplies they had available for trades, Madison says that they also have Ofelia. While driving towards the bazar, Ofelia and Crazy Dog are on the back of the water truck, Ofelia starts to look a little woozy and ends up falling off the truck onto the ground. When the truck stops and talk to her it is realized that she has been bit by a walker.

Alicia is hiding out on her own, and Troy and Nick meet up with her, she threatens to shoot them but they all sit and talk. The boys realize she is safe and happy and leave her on her own. Madison and the group arrive at the bazar but have a few hours before Daniel will arrive. Ofelia wants Madison to live up to her promise to have her see her father, so Madison decides they need to get Ofelia a bed and supplies to rest as they wait hours for Daniel to arrive. Strand is afraid someone will notice Ofelia is sick and kill her on the spot. Troy and Nick arrive back and Madison is a little sad Alicia is not with them.

Alicia is looking for supplies and food, she ends up at a burger joint looking for food, she kills a walker, and finds a bucket of potatoes, but with all of the racket she sees a group of walkers approaching, so she goes and hides in the ball pit. It turns out that a walker girl was in the ball pit and attacks Alicia, she is able to kill the walker but the gun gets lost in the pit and she hides even more in the ball pit as someone comes in from behind and kills the walkers. After the stranger cuts off fingers, and pulls teeth from the walkers, takes the bucket of potatoes and leaves.

Back at the bazar, it’s Nick’s turn to watch over Ofelia, she was given a bed, and pedialyte, and some pills for the pain. Nick sees a bag of pills to the side and ponders, and finally cracks and takes one, thus relapsing for the first time in awhile. Back with Alicia she goes hunting for her potato food score, she finds the vehicle and goes to get them. The owner of the car comes out and asks what she is doing. Alicia says that her potatoes are in the car, she asks why they are in the car, and Alicia says it’s because she stole them from the burger place. The stranger knows that it must be true from her reaction, Alicia and the stranger agree to share them because Alicia is to tired and hungry to want to kill the stranger.


Alicia confronts a new stranger. Photo Credit AMC

Nick gets Troy to sample some drugs so they are just feeding off each other now. Madison and Ofelia finally get ready to meet Daniel, Ofelia tells Madison that if she turns Madison has to be the one to do it, she doesn’t want Daniel to see her like that and have to stop her from turning. She also tells Madison that she wants Daniel to know she was really looking forward to getting to know him. Ofelia happens to pass a few moments before Daniel’s arrival, it happened so quick that Madison couldn’t do anything about it. Daniel arrives to see Ofelia is dead, he wonders if this is some sick joke. He tells himself, that this is the price, Daniel tells Madison to leave before he just kills her. She leaves, defeated, as we hear Daniel shoot Ofelia in the head.

Nick and Troy are totally messed up, go to some weird bar and drink a stem from who knows what, total relapse city. Alicia’s acquaintance does some bizarre things like make teeth rings and things that are supposed to ward off evil, she offers Alicia one who doesn’t want them. The other lady says that people can get used to anything these days, even killing, but she likes to be solo and will probably be gone in the morning. In the morning Alicia wakes up and sees that the lady is gone, she goes outside to see her tinkering with her car. Alicia mentions that she thought she would have been gone by now and the reply was she would have if the car would work. They look at each other like they both aren’t looking for friends, but they will just work together to kill the oncoming walkers.

Nick and Troy are still tripping, they end up in town I guess? It has a lot of walkers, Nick sees a truck with a walker so he grabs it, smashes up it’s head and puts the blood all over himself. Troy can’t believe what Nick is doing as Nick puts blood over Troy, he tells Troy how to survive. They walk through the path of walkers, undetected as a surprise to Troy.

Daniel checks with Madison, tells her that he buried his daughter last night with his own hands. He is willing to take Madison with him because she doesn’t belong there. She wants the rest to come along and he agrees, Nick and Troy decide to stay back a couple days, to check on things and make sure things are OK, even though Madison knows they want to do more drugs and alcohol. She knows she can’t stop them, so Daniel, Madison, Walker and Strand head towards the dam.