Hello and welcome back to The Resident. In case you did not hear, FOX has renewed us for another year. Happy news! We got Season 2! Anyways, let’s dive right in!

r 11.2

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We are nearing the end, but I must say, the episodes are starting to heat up! Literally. While in surgery, Dr. Bell had an issue. Later, Mina explains in her honest way, that Bell was not at fault. Oxygen from the mask he was hooked up to had leaked, creating a small area of highly oxygenated air near the patient’s neck. He was cauterizing the wound, literally burning it closed, and a small spark hit the air. Ever blow on a small ember? Imagine that 10 times purer. Of course, the air caught fire and burned the patient. Luckily, TJ has a sense of humor and turned the recorded video into a hit on their version of YouTube. Sadly, the actions called for a series of Dominos to begin to fall.

r 11.4

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Claire, the CEO, is now questioning things. Actually asking the right questions. Sadly, she has waited too long. As she begins to dig for the truth, Bell and Lane are 5 steps ahead of her. It has been implied Lane killed Lily, and Nic theorizes it’s because Lane is trying to hide her patients’ files. If Lily had transferred to a different doctor, they would need Lily’s files. Remember a few episodes back, Nic realized Lily’s liver failure right before a risky surgery. If Lily had done the surgery, she would have passed away from complications. But Nic will not throw someone under the bus without proof.

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Claire realizes how deep she is as the final dominos fall. Bell has created a circus act, with Lane and another Doctor, Chu, who was on anesthesiologist the night of the fire. Rehearsed, they tear apart Claire, pointing out the machine was outdated, and a video that went viral (Hey TJ, still a funny video), and Bell points out how damaging the video is. You can literally see Claire watching the downfall of her career as Lane puts in the final Hammer- A CEO should be a Doctor. Shocker- next scene shows Bell as the new CEO.

r 11.3

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Before I write a review, I watch every episode at least twice, for good and for bad. Sometimes, you miss things. And right now, as I write this, I missed something- The side plot. Devon is playing in the ER with my favorite character, Irving. Around every corner, he proves his worth, dealing with a cyberchondriac, extracting a marble, and helping a delusional patient. But… it’s the cyberchondriac I shrugged off, until watching for the second time- She came back like hypochondriac does, but Irving gave her a recommendation to Dr. Lane. WOW… Wonder what she is gonna look up after a few treatments.

For now, I will leave you, until next week. Stay Shiny!