Jake hasn’t finished his cookie yet!! (Photo Source: FOX)

Jake is settling nicely into prison: he’s part of a gang, his prison Boyle is a cannibal, and he’s the warden’s snitch. …Okay…maybe that doesn’t actually sound so nice. He’s surviving. He even had to spend time in the hole (solitary confinement), but he kept himself entertained by reinacting The Lion King and making Amy out of mashed potatoes. Ew.

After he gets out of the hole, the Warden gives him an ultimatum: find out where Romero stashes his Blizz (Meth) or die. Jake realizes he’ll die either way, because Romero will kill him for being a snitch. So he decides to find the Blizz through some detective work with Caleb by his side (“Being a detective is a lot like being a cannibal!”). He finally finds out the Blizz is IN the prison soap. And then he accidentally gets high off of it. Romero sees this as a sign of loyalty (no cop would do meth!) and tells him where the drugs are. The problem is he’s also already told the Warden, so he definitely looks like a snitch. Romero is out for blood now!

Meanwhile, Amy gets a tip from a Brooklyn mobster that Hawkins has a diamond shipment coming in that can link her back to all of the bank robberies. The only problem is he wants a favor in return for the tip. The 99 decides it would be better to try and bust Hawkins on their own. They find out (through Hitchcock’s pervy Snapchat knowledge) that Hawkins uses Snapchat to relay her drop information. They mirror her phone and find the drop site and time only to see she’s set them up again. Finally, through what we think is because of Boyle’s serial-style podcast and Holt’s knowledge of pigs, that Hawkin’s farmer friend force fed the diamonds to his pigs. And one pig autopsy later, they’ve got all the prof they need! Hawkins and her gang are found guilty and Jake and Rosa are free!

Just in time, too, because Romero already tried to kill Jake but Caleb stepped in the way and got stabbed in the stomach instead (He survived, don’t worry. He also tried to eat Jake…).

So Rosa and Jake are back home in Brooklyn with the rest of their team! All is well with the 99! …Except for Captain Holt, who now owes a certain mobster a favor…