My Hero Academia Season 2- Episode 25

Sadly, this episode will be the last one of the second season. That being said, we get an episode filled to the brim in tension. With no time to waste let’s get this show on the road!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation


We open to the hangout spot for the League of Villains. There are two newer faces though. An unsettling, bubbly girl named Himiko Toga and a mysterious man covered in stitches named Dabi. Both of them have adopted Hero Killer Stain’s ideology and the League of Villains would be better off exploiting that for their own gain. But Shigaraki is still too prideful. He can’t stand Stain being put on a pedestal above him. Eventually it becomes too much for Shigaraki and he leaves. He does not tell anyone where he is going, but Kurogiri can tell that he is off to find answers.

Meanwhile, we stop by class 1-A and see Kaminari, Ashido, Kirashima, and Sato really bummed about not passing their practical exams and not being able to go to training camp. Sero is also very unsure if he will be able to go either because during his exam even though Mineta won for their team, he was immediately put to sleep by Midnight at the start of it. And in an instance, Mr. Aizawa slams the door open. He announces to the class even though some people failed their exams, they will get to go to the training camp in the woods! It is yet again one of Aizawa’s “rational falsehoods” to keep his class focused on the task at hand.

After class, everyone is discussing the training camp. Eventually they all come to an agreement to take a trip to the mall to gear themselves up for the camp. They arrive and everyone had a good idea of what they are wanting to get so they agree to meet back up at 3. Everyone wanders off but two are left in the center plaza; Midoriya and Uraraka. Midoriya tells her that he was needing to get new wrist weights. Uraraka tries to tell Midoriya that she needs bug spray but as the words came out, she remembers back to when Aoyama asked her if she likes Midoriya. This thought hit a tender nerve and she runs off! So Midoriya stands alone even though he came with his entire class. Suddenly a man comes up to Midoriya praising him for being a U.A. student and asking if he can have his autograph. Midoriya kind of shrugs off the fame. The man then starts asking if he was the one who got beat at the sports festival and if he took on Hero Killer Stain. Midoriya starts to get very suspicious of this man. The man then puts his hand on Midoriya’s throat. This is not some normal every day fan, it’s Shigaraki!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Shigaraki tells Midoriya to act natural and that he just wants to talk. Also if he makes a fuss he will touch all five fingers to his neck and make his skin crumble. Midoriya tells him a pro hero would be on the scene as soon as possible, but Shigaraki tells him that he would still be able to kill 20-30 people easy. So for the meantime, Midoriya is game. So the two sit and Shigaraki tells Midoriya his feelings about Stain. It’s the number one thing that pisses him off right now. He wants the spotlight that he feels he has earned. Midorya sits still in complete shock. Shigaraki then asks what he thinks the difference is between himself and Stain is. Midoriya responds with how he can’t agree with Stain’s ideology, but they both share common starting points in their journey, All Might. This immediately clicks with Shigaraki. Stain and Midoriya pisses him off the most, and to stop them he must kill All Might.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

The reason everyone smiles without even thinking of the impending doom soon to come, is because their Symbol of Peace, All Might will be there to save them. With him gone that would cause dismay. Shigaraki’s grip becomes even tighter and tighter on Midoriya’s throat. He is gasping for air but can’t seem to fight it. But as Midoriya can barely take it any longer, he hears a faint, “Deku?”. Uraraka appears and sees Shigaraki’s grip on his throat. Uraraka demands he let go. Shigaraki plays it off like they are just friends kidding around. As he leaves, he tells Midoriya if he follows him he WILL get angry. But before Shigaraki leaves, Midoriya asks what All for One wants. Shigaraki says he does not know but the next time they meet, will probably be the time he decides he will want to kill Midoriya.

The two report the incident to the police shortly after. Midoriya finds himself at the police station for further questioning. They start to wrap up and detective Tsukauchi thanks Midoriya for his time. But Midoriya is very frustrated he couldn’t detain Shigaraki. Tsukauchi then consoles him and tells his he did very well with his own life and the lives of others at risk. They leave the questioning room and are met by All Might. Midoriya asks him if he ever has a time where he can’t save people. All Might replies and says that he does a lot. A that very moment someone could be begging for help and that’s all the more reason to stand and smile. So that the Symbol of Peace is in everyone’s hearts. Midorya gets escorted home from the station. The detective says to All Might it is likely they will target more students, and that All Might should give up the teaching career. All Might shrugs it off but vows to capture All for One for good this time.

And with that, it is the end of Midoriya’s first semester at U.A. and the second season has come to a close. The third season has been announced but the release date has not yet been set. But knowing our adventures with Midoriya and All Might are not yet over gives me great happiness. This show delivers on a weekly basis and I can say with confidence no other television show I watch up until the third season will give me the joy and excitement that My Hero Academia gives me.

Plus Ultra!

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