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Finally, finally, finally we have some details regarding the Riverdale casting of Betty’s long-lost brother revealed at the end of Season 1, and though fairly scant there’s a lot to unpack! Here’s what the casting call says:
[CHIC COOPER] Male, mid-20s, blond. Betty’s long-lost brother. Growing up in the foster system, then living on his own since he was 18, Chic is tough, resourceful, rough around the edges, and distrustful of new people. He knows how to look out for himself–he’s a survivor–but his mysterious past is a secret only he knows. Chic didn’t finish high school, hustles to scrape together a living on the fringes of society. There’s a darkness to Chic that is both sexy and scary…RECURRING GUEST STAR.

Well, it was long-assumed but now officially confirmed: Betty’s brother will be named Chic, just like his comic counterpart. What differs, however, is his backstory! While comic Chic was just Betty’s seldom-seen mature older brother, show Chic appears to be more in line with the Southside Serpents. Is it possible he’ll come to the show — and back into the Cooper’s lives — through Jughead?

We also know that the character will be mid-20’s and blond, which was both to be assumed. What’s exciting though is the comment about the scary sexy darkness to Chic. Maybe he really is a Cooper! Will living in the foster system make him resent his parents, though? Or will he even remember or recognize them?

Since Chic is just listed as a recurring guest star, it’s hard to estimate how much he’ll be in the show, but it can be assumed it won’t be every episode. However, with no casting being yet announced and the casting call just coming to light recently, either he won’t appear until midway in the season or The CW is keeping their cards close to their chest.

(EDIT: Since the writing of this article, newcomer Hart Denton has been confirmed in the role. Never says the Coopers don’t have a Hart!)

Who do you want to see on the screen as the eldest Cooper sibling? Comment below and don’t forget: Riverdale is back on The CW on Wednesday, October 11th! Mark your calendars and keep an eye on The Game of Nerds for more updates!


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