Photo Source: TheEmmys.com

The Emmys were on Sunday and all the celebrities were dressed in their finest for the event. Here are my top 3 actors and actresses that blew me away.




Photo Source: Pop Sugar

Zoë Kravitz wore a Dior Haute Couture gown and I think she rocked it. It’s a simple silhouette, but what makes the dress really magical, is the fact that the colors on the bottom of the dress are all the colors of the rainbow. In the picture, we only see red, orange and yellow, but when she turned for the camera, the other side of her dress was green, blue and purple. I also love the fringy texture of the dress as well.



Photo Source: Hello Giggles

Sarah Hyland wore a Zac Posen gown and I think she wears it perfectly. I feel that this dress is pretty risky because of the large print pattern, but it looks really great on her. The color of the dress is perfect with her skin tone and the pattern is so appropriate for the fall season coming up. I also really like the stomach cut out because it makes the dress a little sexier, without being vulgar.



Photo Source: The New York Times

Ellie Kemper wore a Jenny Packham gown and I thought this was a risk for her. I feel like Ellie usually stays pretty safe when it comes to red carpets, but I love this dress because it’s so different. It has the effect of a long gown, but it’s actually a short dress with sheer fabric on top. The embroidery is gorgeous and the color pairs nicely with her red hair.




Photo Source: USA Today

Donald Glover wore a Gucci tuxedo and yet again, he pulled off another bold look. He always looks amazing on the red carpet because he likes to experiment with color and patterns and he made this purple tux look dashing! He even wore it with a yellow pocket square to give it some extra pizzazz.



Photo Source: Just Jared

Justin Hartley wore a Valentino tuxedo and I think he looks really sharp. I always like when guys veer off into different colors and even though blue isn’t super bold, it’s a nice difference from all the black tuxes on the red carpet. He looks really put together.



Photo Source: Just Jared

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wore a Salvatore Ferragamo three-piece tuxedo and I give him slow claps for going all the way. He went above and beyond and wore the three-piece tux and he looks really good in it. I also love that he wore a velvet jacket because even though he’s wearing a black tux, the velvet just took it to the next level. Lastly, I liked that he slicked his hair back for the occasion.