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1) Have Rick Flagg Jr serves as the main POV character of the film.

2) Change our villains from Enchantress and Joker to a Japanese a crime lord,Yoshimi Sato from making an arms deal with some unknown chemical weapon with Alberto Falcone,a well known crime lord from Gotham. Waller believes Sato’s chemical weapon may be some super soldier drug which has used to slowly take over most of Japan crime empires .


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3) Have the main setting for the film from Mid Way City to Tokyo,Japan.

4) Rick Flagg’s father once lead the original team in the mid to late 80s which he nicknamed “Suicide Squad”. Task Force X is responsible for carrying out high-risk missions for the United States government. Amanda assumes Flagg a team of supervillains as disposable assets. She reopens the idea of Task Force X to go and stop Falcone and Sato.

5) Flagg is offered to be in charge of the team as his father was in charge of a similar team back in the 70s. Flagg feels a connection to the idea of the team as he calls back to the stories of his father and his mission thru out his childhood.

6) Change LT GQ Edwards to

Cole Cash. Cash goes by the nick name “Grifter”.



7)  Change how some of the members were taken in to Belle Reeve. Elite hit man, Deadshot was taken in by Batman during his day off with his daughter. Batman waited till Deadshot dropped his daughter to his ex wife’s apartment before attacking him outside. Batman knew Deadshot wouldn’t fire a gun near his daughter and would be easily taken down in hand to hand combat. Pyrokinetic ex-gangster El Diablo turn himself over after losing control of his powers and killing his family. Opportunistic thief Captain Boomerang is taken in after a run in with The Flash and Killer Croc is left severely beaten by Batman at the door steps of Gotham police station,Slipknot is found to be hiding up north by a S.W.A.T team lead by Cole Cash.

8) Waller informs Flagg that Harley Quinn is joining the team as a last minute add on. This is the first time we meet Harley post insanity. Flagg is confused on why someone with no powers or skills besides “insanity” is on the team. Waller ensure Flagg that they will need her. As Flagg meets with Quinn she retells how she ended up in Belle Revee saying she was left for dead by the Joker.


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9) One of Waller’s intended recruits is Flag’s rival and fellow soldier Cole Cash demands to join the team for their mission. Waller allows Cash to join the team at Flagg’s displeasure.

10) During their flight to Japan the members of Task Force X begins to have open discussions about their history and what lead them to where they are before Harley Quinn shifts the conversation about the Joker. Upon asking Harley why she would bring him up its made clear that Joker is in Japan as part of the arms deal they are set out to stop.

11) Once arriving to Tokyo they are joined by Katana, a warrior who wields a mystical sword and acts as Flag’s bodyguard. Katana and Flagg have a history or working several missions together in the past.

12) Harley’s lover, the Joker, finds out about her predicament and demands Falcone to give him men to help break her out. Both Sato and Falcone agree that they will give him all he needs to save her but once their deal is finished.


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13) Change the foot soldiers form Enchantress EA’s to the Yakuza who are now under contract for both Sato and Falcone.

14) Slipknot is cut into pieces by the first wave of attack. The rest of the members of Task Force X where able to hold their own thanks to working together. However Grifter is kidnapped by a couple of the Yakuza that were able to escape back to Sato.

15) Grifter is place in a room with Joker who tortures him to get information about the team and what their plan.

16) have a total of three difference waves of the Yakuza each time the attack becomes more gruesome and intense.

17) The climax of the film takes place on shipping dock between Task Force X,Grifter, the remaining Yokuzas, Joker,Sato and Falcone. once its made clear Taks Force X is winning Sato place all of his super solider drug onto a helicopter to escape.  Falcone has a shoot out with Flagg as Dead-shot is trying to shoot down the helicopter with a single shot. In the middle of all this Harley betrays the team by knocking out Flagg and taking his remote control to dis arm her self and the rest of the team. She mages to escape with joker who sets off a bomb as a divergent.

18 Flagg comes tune to seeing only only Katana,Grifter and Dead-shot left. Sato is dead and all of his drug is gone with his helicopter crashing into the bay and all of the Yokuzas are now dead. However with the bomb disarmed the rest of the members escaped on foot.

19) Flagg returns to Waller with all the documents they could find on the super solider drug and Falcone. Flagg is told that Katana was able to find and capture the runaway members of Task Force X with the help of Grifter.

20) Flagg is given a file of a new set of members for his next mission.

21) Mid-credit we see Joker and Harley arriving back to Gotham.