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Unless you have been living underneath a rock then you know that the nerd and geek culture has made their impression on the world.  Everywhere you look there is Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Rick and Morty. The list goes on and on!  The products available range from your everyday shirts, makeup, business suits, and kitchen appliances. It’s absolutely crazy the branding that is going on. But as fellow nerds and consumers, we jump at the first chance to buy lightsaber chopsticks that really light up or a Death Star waffle iron. We don’t need these things to survive of course but it’s fun to turn your nerd and geek obsession into an everyday lifestyle.

As much as I would like to spend hours showing the many things that are filling up my wish list this season, I only have time to show you that caught my eye as of recent. I have got to say it is pretty appealing though. Now, I have seen my share of Star Wars and comic book inspired apparel but the following items really take the cake and are incredibly awesome.

Star Wars R2-D2 Suit by Opposuit


Photo Source: Amazon

I don’t know about you but this is pretty snazzy. completely different from “nerd” apparel of yesteryear. No one ever said that you couldn’t look completely kick ass and represent your inner nerd.   This suit is available on Amazon for $190. But wait there’s more…

Star Wars Darth Vader Suit by Opposuit

Photo Source: Amazon

Yup, that’s right. A Darth Vader suit.

And this suit is also available on Amazon for around the same price of as the R2-D2 suit in case you’re looking for something a little more low key. This suit says classy from far away and nerd up close.

Darth Vader Women’s Blazer


Photo Source: Think Geek

Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you’ve covered as well with this Darth Vader Blazer from Think Geek for $99. Like I said, these are the not the everyday shirts and tops that come to mind when we think of nerd and geek inspired clothing. Though I could wear this everyday.




Star Wars Flats

If you think that blazer is beyond freaking fantastic then you’re going to love the shoes. ThinkGeek.com is an amazing site. I have to say if you’re looking for anything that you think is not possible to buy, they will probably will have it.   Yes by the way these shoes are amazing, they do carry a heftier price tag at around $130.


Photo Source: Think Geek

Photo Source: Think Geek

Photo Source: Think Geek







Now if think there is nothing to go with shoes like these, you couldn’t be more wrong. Like I said the nerd market has changed. it is crazy before you could just get your regular old babydoll dress in a Star Wars print but now you can look pretty classy.


Photo Source: Her Universe

This seriously has to be one of my favorite Star Wars inspired skirts. Thanks to Her Universe apparel like this is possible. They are one of the top nerdy merchandise creators for women. They don’t even cover just Star Wars. They create merchandise for a variety of fandoms such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Disney, DC Comics, and Marvel. I highly suggest you have to check out their website and Facebook Page for the latest news fashion arrivals for Her Universe.


Oh and speaking of Christmas, I thought you should check this out. Not really Star Wars but I figured since Christmas is around the corner that the Tim Burton fans of the world would love this get up!


Photo Source: disneybound

Now you can take part in The Nightmare Before Christmas holiday spirit in style and look the part.  Let me know your favorite holiday nerdy outfits!