Last week I discussed five properties I thought were ripe for a film or television adaptation. You can read it here. Since that article, rumors have started swirling about a Power Pack movie, and I can only assume Marvel is taking my advice directly. Here are five more suggestions for you, guys!

5. She-Hulk


Source: Marvel Unlimited. She-Hulk #7. Art by Mike Mayhew.

I have a huge problem with She-Hulk: Specifically, the name “She-Hulk”. Jennifer Walters is a fantastic and very different character from her cousin Bruce Banner, and as a successful lawyer who is permanently both green and intelligent, she doesn’t deserve to be forever remembered as “the girl Hulk”. Shulkie is a versatile character and would make a great addition to either the main Avengers or the courtroom scenes of Daredevil. (Just consider changing her name to “Giantess” or something.)

4. Ms. Marvel


Source: Marvel Unlimited. Ms. Marvel #10. Art by Kris Anka.

Some people say that Ms. Marvel should wait to be introduced after Captain Marvel, so that Kamala Khan can be inspired by Carol’s actions. I disagree. Aside from their names containing the word “Marvel”, their MCU counterparts would likely have very little in common. The stretchy Kamala is the most fun character Marvel has crafted in a while, and it would be great to see her embiggen onto the screen – and hey, if Inhumans doesn’t get a second season, poor Lockjaw will be out of work.

3. The Alpha Flight


Source: Marvel Unlimited. Alpha Flight #2. Art by John Byrne & Terry Austin.

Can Marvel even use the Alpha Flight? Who knows! The characters are essentially the Canadian X-Men, and boy do they have potential to be fun. A great way to introduce some diversity to Marvel’s big screen, the Alpha Flight is full of women and people with mental or physical disabilities and disorders, plus some much-needed representation for the LGBT community and the always-underrepresented community of people with First Nations heritage. Puck and Sasquatch: the next Rocket and Groot, anyone?

2. Blade


Source: Marvel Unlimited. Blade #7. Art by Marko Djurdjevic.

Eric Brooks is in need of some Marvel Studios loving, and with Doctor Strange hitting the big screen last year and Ghost Rider on last season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel’s Netflix side can stand to get a little more weird. Newer comics have the half-vampire full-bad-ass vampire hunter training his reconnected daughter in the art of vampire slaying, which could provide a fresh take on the formula we’ve seen on screen a few times before.

1. Namor the Sub-Mariner


Source: Marvel Unlimited. Namor #5. Art by Salvador Larroca & J.D. Smith.

Prince Namor of Atlantis shares the title of the oldest Marvel hero with Captain America and The Human Torch (not the Fantastic Four one). Currently, his rights lie in a hazy grey area between Universal Studios and Marvel Studios like Hulk; presumably they can use him, just not make a solo movie about him. Maybe. Either way, with DC’s Aquaman on his way to theaters, his inspiration could use some love too to show the world who is the real, original ruler of the seven seas.