EXO’s highly anticipated album “The War: The Power of Music” was dropped on September 5, 2017. A repackaged version of their album “The War,” there are three new tracks in addition to the original nine. The album’s namesake, “Power” is joined by the already established hit “Ko Ko Bop.” According to SBS Pop Asia, EXO’s previously released album “The War” “…managed to hit No.1 on a whopping 155 different iTunes music charts around the world, which includes various pop music charts, single charts, album charts, and K-pop charts.” It looks like the newly lengthened version will be no different.

Aside from the music, it was the marketing of this particular album that really drew me in. The fun designs, use of color and typography all seem to call back to an old school comic book theme that really resonates with their target audience.

Soompi.com reports that the physical purchase of the new album “will contain a comic-esque cover, CD, 16 character cards, four double cards, one random photo card, one group card, one manual, one poster, and one page of graphic novel comics.”


EXO’s graphic novel cover. Photo courtesy of soompi.com.

Not only does their new theme offer a lot of special additions to their album, but it also lends itself to a much older EXO theme: super powers. Yes, each member is said to have an individual super power. Mention of these powers have been seen throughout their music videos from their breakout hit “Mama” to more recent videos like “Lucky One.”

Musictimes.com mentions the teaser images for this album saying, “…they show each of their powers in sci-fi theme poses, with Baekhyun and his superpower of light, Chanyeol with his superpower of fire, Suho with his superpower of water and D.O. with his superpower of force.”

Having personally followed this band since their formation, I am really impressed with this newly repackaged album. Despite losing members over the years, this is a group that stays truly resilient. Their comebacks always land them at the top of the charts. EXO continues to stay fresh, always providing a new, revamped take on their original mythos without straying too far from what made millions love this group in the first place.

If you have never heard of the group or just haven’t had a chance to look into their new material, check out their new music video for “Power.”