When we last saw the Toxic Avenger, the first superhero from New Jersey, he had just rid Tromaville of its corrupt mayor and police chief. After that, he went on to rid Tromaville of all crime and turn the town into a utopia where all the good men, women and children can live in peace and happiness. No one gets robbed, no one gets killed, maimed or beat up. The drug dealers and pimps are gone and life has returned to normal. With Tromaville becoming the happiest town in New Jersey, Toxie (aka Melvin Junko) no longer has any bad guys to fight.

So what’s the first hideously deformed monster hero of superhuman size and strength to do? He has to get a job. Luckily, his sightless girlfriend, Claire (who was named Sara in the first movie,) gets him a job as a concierge at the Tromaville Center for the Blind. Life is good and everyone is just fine and dandy until the evil corporation Apocalypse Inc. moves into town. They blow up the Center for the Blind, almost killing Toxie. Before Toxie can take on the bad guys, they concoct a plan to get rid of him. They can’t kill him, so they decide to make him leave town.

The devious plan sends Toxie to Tokyo, Japan to search for his long-lost father, Big Mac Junko. The majority of this movie takes place in Japan and provides for some humorous sight gags, a lot of which involve crowds of terrified Japanese people running away from Toxie as fast as they can. Along his travels, he does make one friend, Masami, a young woman Toxie rescues from a street attack. She helps him search all over Tokyo to find Big Mac.

Back home, the villains from Apocalypse Inc. have taken advantage of Toxie’s absence and have run Tromaville down, turning the once happy town into a hell hole. The Toxic Avenger needs to hurry up, find his father and get home before all is lost.

As I’ve tried to explain to people, even though you will find this, and every other TA movie listed as Horror, there is nothing scary about this movie. It’s actually a comedy, and not a dark one either. It gets silly, with outlandish jokes and you will laugh quite a bit at this as long as you don’t mind seeing people getting their guts ripped out and heads bashed in along with the humor. When the violence is not so gory, it’s rather cartoonish.

This is also the first cinematic appearance by actor Michael Jai White, whom you may remember from the films The Dark Knight, Spawn and the TV series Black Dynamite. Before he went and made it in Hollywood, he got his start in the Toxic Avenger parts 2 and 3. Kind of makes you proud, doesn’t it?

The Toxic Avenger’s second outing is a decent sequel that improves upon the first. Although I preferred Toxie’s voice in the first movie as it was deeper and more guttural than his more normal sounding voice in this movie, the performances were pretty good. The Japanese cast were all well-trained actors and even though there were no subtitles for the Japanese dialogue (in the version I watched,) you could easily tell what was being implied by their actions. This wasn’t a difficult movie to follow. I loved the running gag with this Japanese reporter just trying to do his job and at every turn, Toxie stumbles in and ruins his day. And when he gets back to the states, Toxie takes one hell of a wild cab ride trying to chase the bad guys down.

Once again it was another fine outing from Troma, well as fine as you can get in a movie where a little person gets squeezed down to the size of a basketball. It’s OK though, he was a bad guy and attacked Toxie first.

Here’s the embedded video of the film thanks to Troma’s YouTube channel.