I don’t know about you but food is something that crosses my mind ninety percent of the time. its no surprise that when searching for a new recipe for dinner I became sidetracked looking up restaurants that look absolutely amazing and tasty. I hope to one day travel the country on some kick a** food tour.  before I start spacing out thinking about my future food fest I will share with you some of my finds.


Photo Source: Eater NY

Ninja New York

One of the first restaurants that caught my eye has to be Ninja New York. Yeah I know its in New York and I live in California call it wishful thinking. anyways after been taken by the name of the restaurant I had to do further research and here is some of what I found out.

So first things first only does it have Ninja in its name but the restaurant itself is designed to look like it is set in feudal Japan. That’s right if you are lucky enough to stop this killer restaurant you will be dining in a ninja village which not only looks like feudal japan but is laid out in individual rooms that are constructed in a maze design of sorts along with contraptions to deter any invaders … or that’s what I got from reading the description on their website which you if you have a chance you should check out it has some pretty cool video.  So now you get the idea .. dining in a ninja village. so what does one eat when they dine is said village well I’m glad you asked.

Their menu is pretty diverse which one of the best things ever. Being a mother of 3 diversity is everything.  For those of you with children will understand. So how diverse you ask? well here are just some items off their menu….

First are the Main courses which include : Sushi and Sashimi Appetizer, Deep fried Calamari, Mango Salmon Rolls,  Prime Rib Eye Steak ( that’s right steak) and not just any steaks… steaks at this joint are presented with a ring of bourbon that is set on fire. I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty cool.  You can also order a ceasar salad if you are feeling to adventurous .  Which reminds of the sides .. who would of thought that you would be able to order mac n cheese or fries at a place where you can get a dragon roll. oh yeah sorry if I haven’t mentioned those yet.  I was almost there.  So if you don’t want to get fancy with a steak or shrimp tempura then you can order something a la carte. So whats  on this part of the menu well you can get yourself the Super Ninja Burger which is your basic double cheese burger on a Takahachi bakery roll , if a burger is not what you wanted you can go for Baked Salmon, Baby Back Ribs even a Prime Porter House.  I know right sounds pretty freaking awesome.  Now mind you there are so much more items on the menu including something called The Great Castle which sounds epic … but I suggest you check it out for yourself . Oh yeah they also have a kids menu.  Now one thing that I still have questions about is the Ninja Presentation … you have to check out the site to get an understanding of this term.. which is still pretty vague.  But if you are curious about checking this place out in the flesh it does not open until 6 p.m.


Photo Source: Cubodial

Miracle of Science Bar and Grill

This next attraction on my mental food tour is one that is sure to stand out when it comes to a fun dining experience.  Located in Cambridge Massachusetts just a few minutes away from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology it automatically seems inviting to anyone and everyone. Not only do they have their menu set up on a blackboard to look like the periodic table of elements off of which they offer a variety of brunch items like sourdough French toast with grilled banana and fried egg guacamole toast, they also have a variety of quesadillas and skewers which all sound pretty tasty. but they have a pretty good selection of beer and who doesn’t love a good beer. I know I do. You have a few good ones to pick from like Sierra Nevada and Red Stripe ok that’s a couple but I am biased and they don’t have my favorite. They do have a few different flavors of beer and they range from being available on tap , bottle or can.

The Miracle of Science is open for lunch and dinner and unlike Ninja New York you don’t need an reservation.  Its a first come first serve establishment.


Photo Source: Restaurant Girl


Yeah I know another bar but I promise you its pretty tight. well at least it looks like it would be pretty tight. The “original arcade bar” is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Let me tell if their bar is as just as inviting as their web page I’m there. Right off the bat there was a list telling us what was on tap tonight. Now if I lived in Brooklyn I would be set. They have an array of ales , IPAs and stouts. Anyways getting of track, but to why this would be just the ultimate gaming drinking experience. So yes they have video games… classic video games and oh yeah pinball machines. I don’t know about but I love pinball machines. if you have never played one I suggest you try it.  available video games are and these are some of them

Alien vs Predator, Centipede, Frogger, Donkey Kong ( yeah I know ), Mortal Kombat 2, NARC, Pitfall 2 -Lost Caverns.. now I said these are a few, there’s a lot more.  So if you happen to in the Big Apple this should definitely should be one of your stops.  If drinking a pitcher and playing Frogger with a some friends doesn’t sound like a great pit stop I don’t know what is.

Now is the time to say good bye as I make myself hungry again after already making tacos for dinner.  hey its pretty difficult reading about amazing food and drinks and not become hungry or thirsty yourself. Off I go to find myself a drink or maybe a bite…. hmmm decisions.