IMDB Courtney Ford

Meet the newest addition to the Darhk Family. Courtney Ford in Supernatural, Photo Courtesy of IMDB.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has made an important addition to their cast for what’s to come in season 3.

Courtney Ford, who you may know from her recent appearance in Supernatural, has been chosen to play the role of Eleanor Darhk.  You may also know Ford from her prominent roles in both Dexter and Parenthood.

Eleanor Darhk will first show up to darken the Legend’s doorstep in episode 305, and then go on the recur throughout the season.  Her character will be smart and cunning, with an unnerving creepiness to her.  Sound familiar? Like father, like daughter. Their similar traits won’t end there. Eleanor’s act of innocence leads to her to manipulating others with ease, and she’s always several steps ahead of her enemies. Intelligent villainy seems to be a Darhk family tradition.

EW also reports that Brandon Routh’s character Ray Palmer will have unexplainable attraction to Eleanor, despite her Darhk ways. Something that is ironic, as the two actors are married in real life.

Will Eleanor Darhk be joining the cabal of villains that was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2017? The group that will become another sharp thorn in the sides of the Legends includes villains such as a freshly resurrected Damien Darhk, new comer Kuasa, and Gorilla Grodd, who is the leader of the cabal.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW