For two years, I’ve been planning a trip to Vancouver to meet friends I made through Misha Collins’ charity scavnger hunt G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen). I met them online while in a sleep deprived craze of trying to solve one of the ridiculous puzzles on the item list. Back in 2015, we started talking about meeting up for a Supernatural convention in Vancouver in 2017.

Flash forward to 2017 and we’re off to Vancouver for a week! On top of the convention, we decided to stay a few days and explore Vancouver/Casually stalk the filming locations of supernatural. So below explore my gallivanting around Vancouver and my ridiculous photo ops from the convention!

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If you have never been to the filming of a show or movie before, let me tell you, it is a lot of sitting around and waiting. I was so excited to see they were filming an episode that takes place in my home town, that I didn’t even need to see any more than that, to be honest. So my friends and I found where they would be shooting (they have to announce it because traffic and whatnot), rented a car, and off we went! It was really fun to watch the crew set everything up, and our fan wrangler PA Morris was a lot of fun. Watching the behind-the-scenes bits and seeing how much work and time goes into what amounts to a five-minute scene(if that) was damn impressive. Once they finished filming one scene, it was a scramble to see where they were going to be next, but eventually we found them (it took us 30min to move about half a mile). That’s where we got to see the crime scene and stuff.

Now, before we stalked the Supernatural sets, there was a convention to go to. If you have never been to a Creation convention, and you have the money, I suggest you go. They are ridiculously well-organized and it’s extremely rare that any panels, ops, or meet and greets

Jensen Ackles doesn’t phase me… 

 conflict with each other. I have been going to and volunteering at Creation conventions for years, and I’ve never been one to get gooey-eyed or star-struck by any of the actors. To the point of annoying my friends with it. So this was the first time I’d ever bought a Jensen Ackles photo op (no, that is not it next to me) and I was feeling pretty damn smug about it, if I’m being honest. I’d met him before and spent hours working his autograph lines at other conventions, so I figured I was cool.

So, I go into the op room with my friends, and I hadn’t thought of a fun or silly pose to do yet (the entire op experience, if you haven’t done it, is about 15 seconds, maximum) so I just decided to tell Jensen to try to make me blush. I was feeling very cocky at this point. I mean, he’s pretty, but he’s just a guy, right? So I tell him, and he looks at me for a second and says “Okay.” AND THEN HE GRABS MY GODDAMN FACE AND STARES INTO MY EYES.  If you have never had Jensen Ackles’ eyeballs on you, you may think you’re immune. You’re not. So he stares at me, a


The derp face to end all derp face. Photo courtesy of  Chris Schmelke

nd I cannot take it, I burst out laughing and rest my face in the crook of this man’s elbow. By now I’ve been up here for about 30 seconds. Once I compose myself a bit, I look back up at him, and he just smirks at me and says “Well, you’re blushing now.” Then the picture is taken of my being completely chill and cool, but before I go, I’m moved into a different pose and another picture is snapped. I finish my now nearly full minute with Jensen and stop to say ‘hi’ to a volunteer I know and wait for my friend who was behind me. I should mention that literally everyone was laughing at this point, because I failed so hard. Anyway. I glance back to see how my friend’s pose is coming along and there is Jensen, pointing at me with the biggest shit eati


Jensen is super-proud of himself. Photo courtesy of Chris Schmelke

ng grin on his face, and I’m a tomato again. One of the handlers comes and tells me the photographer wants to talk to me, and then I’m informed that I would have two pictures waiting for me. A few hours later, I went to pick up my pictures and these are what I got. Jensen looks like a third grader in this picture, and if I thought this was the end of my saga of squee-ing, I was wrong. I went to my autos with him, and when he saw the picture, he immediately started to tease me again. “Don’t challenge me!” he said triumphantly, and I turned bright read again.  I fully intend to challenge him again.

I could probably write about eight more pages about all the amazing things I got to see and do while in Vancouver (Deadpool 2 was filming right by my hotel, and Man in the High Castle’s filming could be seen on the way to the bus stop).  If you ever get a chance, you should definitely head up to “Hollywood North” and check out the sets of the dozens of shows filming there. Also, if you ever get a chance, you should absolutely challenge Jensen Ackles to a staring contest, because there is no such thing as losing that battle.

Also, as a special bonus, enjoy Jensen singing “Whipping Post” at the Saturday night concert put on by Creation!