The season two premiere of Outlander is upon us and it has me thinking a lot about what I loved from last year and what I’m really hoping to see this season.  I won’t get too deep into it, so as not to spoil those who haven’t read the books!

When we left our Sassenach and The King of Men, they were leaving Scotland for parts unknown… well, not really unknown, they’re going to Paris…  Claire having just told Jamie she’s pregnant with a wee bairn, after bringing him back from the edge of suicide due to the physical and psychological rape and torture inflicted upon him by Jack Randall.  Dougal and the rest of Clan Mackenzie are still in Scotland, working towards the ill-fated restoration of the Bonny Prince Charlie; Black Jack was trampled by some of my favorite cows of all time; Frank has (presumably) moved on with his life in 1946;  Laoghaire is, I will assume, being a ginormous pain in the ass for whichever poor schmuck happened to catch her eye; and who knows what the hell has happened to Geillis… Last we saw her, she was pregnant and being carried off by an angry mob.   And fingers crossed that Rupert and Angus somehow get their asses to France, because I fucking love those two idjits so much.

I had extremely high hopes for last season, and thankfully, my faith was rewarded.  From the main trio of Claire, Jamie, and Black Jack (whom I talked a bit about last article) to the supporting characters or Dougal, Colum, Murtagh, and all the clansmen, the casting was fantastic.   Geillis wasn’t really how my mind pictured her, but Lotte Verbeek did a great job of making the character both extremely sensual, while also being juuust a bit terrifying.  The Crazy/Hot scale was made for women like Geillis Duncan.

I think one of the few things I kind of take issue with in the series is Father Bain.  I know he’s an asshole in the books, but I felt like he was just a caricature of the fire and brimstone preacher.  He was obviously a threat to Claire, but I would have preferred a quieter menace, rather than the yelling and chest beating he did in the show.


Source: Outlander // Starz

One of the most interesting things I’m looking forward to seeing this season is actually HOW Ron Moore plans to adapt the second book.  Not to divulge too much, but there is some wibbly wobbly timey-wimey things that happen, and I’m really excited to see how those things are portrayed.   I’m also… excited probably isn’t the right word, but anticipating if and how Jamie is going to recover from the horrifying and heartbreaking torture and rape by Black Jack (who is my fave villain ever, btw) at the end of last year. One of the things that the season finale in particular was both criticized and lauded about was the depiction of one of the most horrifying scenes in both the book and the show.  It shows the evil and tenderness in Black Jack as he breaks down everything in Jamie that we know, and nearly destroys him.  This show has never been one to gloss over gritty and painful realities before, and I hope that trend continues.  Also I’m still salty and bitter AF about Sam not getting a nomination for that performance.  The empty, haunted look in his eyes has still stuck with me, months later.


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New characters for this season include: Brianna Randall, played by Sophie Skelton; Roger Wakefield, played by Richard Rankin; The Bonny Prince himself, played by Andrew Gower; and Jamie’s Parisian cousin Jared, played by Robert Gower.  I cannot WAIT to see Brianna, Roger, and Prince Charlie this season, but more than anything, I’m dying to see Fergus.

What are you most looking forward to this season?  Any storylines from last year you hope are left in Scotland as we travel to Paris?