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"Younger" Ep. 407 (Airs 8/9, 10pm ET/PT)
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Y’aaaaaall, we so weren’t ready for the level of sexy secret kissing that goes on in this episode but we are so blessed to have it

After Charles’ crazy declaration of love, Liza is totally messed up. She’s thinking about him and having sexy dreams about him and basically unable to function. Maggie suggest that the two of them “just do it” but Liza seems to want to torture herself some more. She’s fully ready to stare at Charles all day and daydream, but he doesn’t go into the office that day (probably also taking a mental health day like Kelsey, but we’ll get to her later) and Liza spends most of the day at Pitchfest anyway. She hears from lots of wackos and nutjubs but ONE promising writer who has a semi-autobiographical novel about a woman who loses herself in a marriage to a powerful man. Liza loves this pitch (& Jennifer Westfeldt heyyy girl) and heads to the office to prep some chapters for the team.

You know who else is at the office late at night? CHARLES!

Liza fiddles around and avoids him until she gets up her courage, marches into Charles’ office, says some sexy awkward double entendre about the hard cupcake from the birthday surprise and proceeds to attack Charles’ face with her face in the sexiest way. They are being incredibly sexy and beautiful together until the janitor interrupts them (right as things were getting good and Liza wanted to reveal her age [but that would’ve been it’s own, bigger, interruption]. During that time Charles has a chance to glance at the chapters Liza walked in there with and sees that the book is HIS EX WIFE’S!!!!

JUST WHEN TEAM CHARLES WAS ABOUT TO HAVE IT ALL – IT GETS YANKED AWAY FROM THEM. Charles rushes home to look the book over and call a lawyer, leaving Liza breathless. He does call her later on that night though, to apologize for the awkward situation he put her in and to say that HE DOESN’T REGRET ANYTHING THAT WENT DOWN BETWEEN THEM!!!!! oooooooooooh things are getting steamier and steamier.

In B plot land, Kelsey decides to go on a Girls Trip upstate with Lauren and Josh (because he has weed and she has a crush on him) to Lauren’s friends house – decorated exclusively with penis shaped items – because she’s terrified of going into the office and losing the job she loves so much. While extremely conflicted, Josh gives her some dope advice and a great pep talk while standing a little close to her, they get closer, lean it, and kiss so perfectly I squeeled a little. They both realize it’s the wrong thing to do though, because of Liza, so they stop themselves. Kudos for the morality, but honestly I wanted to see that go all the way.

For someone who was team Josh just a few episodes ago, I’m advocating really hard for Liza/Charles & Kelsey/Josh right now, but what can I say, I’m a flip-flopper who enjoys watching attractive people make out.

"Younger" Ep. 407 (Airs 8/9, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Younger airs Wednesdays on TVLand.

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