If you didn’t know already, season 6 will be the final season of Teen Wolf. Of course, we’re all sad to see the show go, but there is something to be said for a series saying farewell to fans before the story is completely spent. For me, at least, this is certainly the case, as the creators and performers have consistently provided a quality TV-watching experience week after week, season after season.

I have high hopes that season 6b will be no different!

The final season of Teen Wolf has been divided into two segments: 6a and 6b. But before we talk about the most recent episodes, which started airing again on July 30, 2017, let’s revisit some of the key elements leading up to the current story arch.

Graduation is Looming

At the beginning of season 6, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia are set to be graduating soon. Each has their own way of dealing with this and there’s a great deal of uncertainty regarding the fact that they will soon be leaving Beacon Hills.

Enter the Ghost Riders

After a peaceful and quiet summer, the newest disaster rides in – literally, on horseback. The Ghost Riders start collecting and erasing people during their Wild Hunt. These big-bads wreck havoc everywhere they go and are seemingly impossible to kill.

No One Remembers Stiles!

One of the first victims of the Wild Hunt is Stiles and the rest of the gang struggle to fill a void. Their search for answers reveals just how important Stiles really is to each of them.

Liam is in Crisis

With Scott graduating, Liam is supposed to lead the pack (and the lacrosse team) when he’s gone. The pressure of this responsibility has his emotions and his wolfy-temper all over the place.

Peter is Back!

Stiles reunites with Peter, Malia’s father, while stuck in the Wild Hunt. With Stile’s help, he eventually makes it out – albeit severely injured – and begrudgingly lends the team his services.

And So is Theo

The return of Theo, who was a major villain in season 5, comes at a time of great turmoil and causes all sorts of misgivings. Ever mindful of his own self-preservation, Theo is an important (although much-hated) ally.

The Man in the Tube Revealed…and He’s Up to No Good

Posing as a teacher at Beacon High School, Mr. Douglas is a Alpha Löwenmensch (half wolf, half lion) in search of a way to control the Ghost Riders.

Lydia Admits Her Feelings for Stiles

Before his erasement, Stiles tells Lydia he loves her. The return of Stiles from the Wild Hunt is a joyous moment, but Lydia’s response is the cherry on the scrumptious-Stiles-is-back-cake. While she doesn’t technically say it back, their passionate kiss says a lot.

Douglas’ Plan is Foiled

In all his World-War-II-Nazi-captain-Alpha-Löwenmensch-glory, comes face-to-face with Scott’s entire pack and loses. His attempts to merge the real world with the Wild Hunt are foiled and he’s ultimately transformed into a swastika-sporting Ghost Rider.

“Everything Has Its Price”

With a big-win under their belts, Scott’s pack is feeling mostly good about the future. But as we know, everything has its price…and I can’t wait to see what it is!

Here’s to settling in for the last ten episodes of Teen Wolf – EVER. The season 6b trailer has already been released. If you missed it, make sure you check it out.