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Issa just wants to hoe, Molly needs a new therapist and a new man, and Lawrence is still fucking with Tasha.

We start off with Issa on a date, where every time the guy she’s with tries to kiss or touch her, she erupts into a giggle fit. She’s still dealing with the Lawrence drama and because of that she’s all up in her head.

Things are going well at We Got Y’all though, the turnout is really high and everyone is engaged with the program. Unfortunately Frieda is still reeling with the racism she witnessed from the vice-principal, which, coupled with the fact that none of the Latinx students at this predominantly Latinx school are not participating, is making her real uncomfortable. She almost ruins all the progress they’ve done when their boss pulls them in to congratulate them, but Issa shuts her up. She’s not exactly wrong in her concerns, but she doesn’t seem fully equipped to handle the situation because talking about racial politics scares her.

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In other news, Molly is still on her “woman doing it for herself” kick and working really hard with her mentor at the Chicago office. She’s starting to feel lonely though, like she wants someone to share her time with. This is escalated when she goes to pick up a bookshelf by herself and sees a nice couple doing the same with much more ease because there’s two of them to carry the burden (damn, what a metaphor). While trying to get Issa to help her put together the above-mentioned bookshelf, she gets talked into going out and helping her bff get laid casually. Issa doesn’t have that much luck but Sterling K Brown is suuuuuper into Molly and they have brunch the next day. Unfortunately homegirl isn’t feeling him as much, because he comes off a little fake and desperate, like he’s checking off his boxes (think Molly last season).

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Finally in Lawrence land, he promises to go to and help at Tasha’s family bbq but he gets overwhelmed by the level of commitment that is expected of him despite the fact that he literally promised to do those things. Instead of staying, he makes an appearance and then literally ghosts on her family to go hang out with his startup friends and to flirt with the hot waitress. It’s nice to see Lawrence living his best life, but like why is he being a dick about it. When Tasha calls him, she lays into him and stands up for herself, telling him off, calling him a fuckboi and hanging up the phone.

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Issa ends this episode by also living her best life and fucking her random neighbour and getting her groove back

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