Estra, Guilherme, Bell, Esteban, Chris, Lee Meredith and Us. Studio are in the process of creating the next big RPG and life farming simulation game, Memory Trees: Forget Me Not. Upon downloading the Memory Trees alpha, that can be found on their websitethe player is prompted to choose between a beautiful woman or the equally beautiful man. After naming the characters one finds themselves in a forest looking for their lost father. The graphics are spectacular and feel RuneScape-esque persuading the player to explore deep into the forest. After your father has been found the player is given a quest to find five cats ranging from striped and sweet to dangerous and yellow. The player finds themselves following a path, at a slower than usual pace, when they meet a cute fox that appears to be an update master. One can follow the fox where he brings you to the newly updated areas of the game or press on to find the first kitty. I chose to press on and eventually after a few minutes I was able to come across the castle gate in which I was told I would find kitty number one. After a quick game of hide-seek I found the most adorable cat and caught myself taking in the landscape around me. The artists involved put such detail in to the scenery that even the water looks real. Everything from the blades of grass, flowers, and mushrooms look well thought out and are among the better graphics I have experienced in games of this style. Although I didn’t see a lot of architecture the bridges and castle gate looked perfect for the time period in which the creators are depicting. Their Patreon page suggests that players will be able to enjoy shops, planting, harvesting, and fishing along with falling in love with potential bachelors and bachelorettes. There are also plans to create a version rated mature, which will include adult content, as well as a censored version for teens and children. Overall, I can’t wait for the completion of Memory Trees: Forget Me Not and I look forward to hearing more from the creative team behind it.


Those interested in downloading Memory Trees: Forget Me Not can do so at the link below:


Featured image belongs to the creative team behind Memory Trees: Forget Me Not.