Hey y’all! In the wake of the Supergirl season 2 finale, we get to see the cast interact at San Diego Comic Con! Now, earlier in the year, we got the disappointing news that the character Maggie Sawyer (Florina Lima), would be appearing less and less during Season 3, as the actress is pursuing other parts. While I’m seriously sad to hear that, I know Florina Lima is an amazing woman and deserves all the best parts! A lot of fans noticed that Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) was missing from the panel this year; she had a saddening family issue, and while fans were also saddened to hear she wouldn’t be attending, Chyler did make up for it by putting out an apology for her absence on her Instagram. Attendees to the panel include:

Showrunner, Kara “Supergirl” Danvers herself – Melissa Benoist

Winn “IT Hobbit” Schott Jr. – Jeremy Jordan

James “Guardian” Olsen: – Mechad Brooks

J’onn “Space Dad” Jonzz – David Harwood

Mon-El “Prince Of Daxam” – Chris Wood

Lena “Bae Of National City” Luthor – Katie McGrath (I’m slightly biased, I love this actress)

New Producers of the show: Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner

And Season 3 Villain, Reign: Odette Annable

While the cast consistently joked around, discussed the show, and talked about the previous season, some major pieces included the fact that DC Villain Morgan Edge will be coming to the show, and looks to be putting all of his efforts into taking down Lena Luthor. Another big reveal is the fact that J’onn Jonzz’ Father, will be entering in as a recurring character. I know, right?! The biggest highlight of the day however, was the Season 3 teaser trailer we received – Sanvers fans (Shippers of Alex Danvers and her on-screen girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer) will be pleased by the amount of love the couple sees in the trailer, and be floored by the speech given by Supergirl herself. The CW Network’s official Youtube posted the SDCC teaser on their channel, which you can check out below! You can also check out the panel itself, posted by the official Youtube channel, Flicks And The City! I posted Part One below as well, so have fun, and join us October 9, 2017 to catch the Season 3 Premiere!