With the recent announcement of season two of Iron Fist at SDCC here what we all want to see. There is no lie that Iron Fist had its fair share of problems but nothing that can’t be fixed in the second season of better writers and a higher budget.

1) Beter and more realistic fight sequences. We had some decent fight scenes but they were all too few and far in between.

2) The return of Zhou Cheng. Cheng was a gem in the first season and had one of the better fights. It would be a shame and a waste not to bring him back as a supporting villain.

3) Davos transformation into Steel Serpent. W hole episode dedicated to how Davos gain powers of his own and him donning the classic costume.  Davos has potential being a great villain if handled right.

4) Take a break from the Hand. We’ve dealt with the Hand Since the first season of Daredevil. Its time to let a new baddie be the center of Danny Rand’s universe.

5)  Embrace magic and let us see that dragon.  While Iron Fist did it best to be more grounded like the other Netfilx show it felt flat when dealing with magic. Iron Fist should embrace that element.

6) Lets have Danny Rand use his powers more often.  One of the most universal complain in season one was how little Danny Rand was able to use his chi to it full extend.

7) A cameo from Luke Cage. While are gonna get a team up in Defenders it would be a nice treat to see their friendship explore and see them closer than the other members of the team. Seeing them tease a possible “Heroes For Hire” would be a great Easter egg.

8) Humor. While the Netflix shows are more darker and gritter it would be a breath of fresh air if Iron Fist took up a lighter tone with more humor. It honesty couldn’t hurt to give this show levity.

9) Prince of Orphans as the new villain to kick off season 2.  While I’m not all well verse in the mythos and  history of Iron Fist the villain , Prince of Orphans. This villain form what I’ve read seems to be the Eobard Thawn to Danny Rand and one of the few individuals to match Danny’s powers, experience and martial arts skills.