The Originals

The Originals. Source: Extra tv

Before Julie Plec and the cast of The Originals dived into answering questions from fans at the San Diego Comic Con, fans were given a sneak peak of season five with a special video presentation. The video gave fans a recap on some of the history of The Originals and gave fans a few clues as to what has been happening during the time jump and a peak of what’s in store in the future. It also gave important information regarding Hope, who looks like she has not forgotten about her family and is willing to fight to get them back to what they once were.

2017 SDCC The Originals

The cast of The Originals answer fans questions (from left to right, back): Co-Creator Julie Plec, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Yusuf Gatewood. (Left to right, front): Riley Voelkel, Phoebe Tonkins and Charles Michael Davis. Source: Phoebe Tonkin Daily

On July 22nd the cast of The Originals made their last appearance at the SDCC, it was recently announced that the upcoming fifth season of the show will be their final season. The cast and the shows co-creator Julie Plec certainly didn’t let the news of the end of the show keep them from having a good time while they answered fans questions. With each question asked, a genuine and thoughtful answer would follow, Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies even answered questions in the voice of a stuffed animal dolphin passed between the two. Other highlights included was the exciting news such as Caroline is due to be in the first episode of season five, and fans will see her and Klaus share a few scenes together in atleast a few episodes as the season gets going.  Julie Plec shared how the witch language in the show was created. First, the phrases are then written out and then translated into French, from there they “muck” it all up and there you have the witch language. Fans were told that they can expect just about anyone to return for the final season, it might even be someone who was once on the Vampire Diaries. When asked what the cast will miss the most after the show is done, a sweet moment was shared between them all when it was unanimous that it would be Phoebe Tonkin that will be missed the most. In another touching moment when the final question of ” Do you have any special message to the fans as you say goodbye” was asked Riley Voelkel answered with a very genuine thank you to the fans. She said the fans are the reason for making the characters alive and the reason they get to do the show and she is greatful. Phoebe Tonkin also thanked fans for being supportive, for all the tweets and messages and for being there through the five-year journey. The rest of the cast also sent out their thank you’s to the fans because without them the show wouldn’t be possible. Julie Plec then ended the panel with her special message to the fans ” If we let the fear of other people turn into hate of other people then we can actually destroy other people and ourselves, take this message into social media and into fandomand into fandoms and be good to each other”.

The Originals is a spin-off show from the Vampire Diaries9. It is a show with a blend of the supernatural, romance, history and bloodshed that has aired on the CW channel and has kept fans intrigued for the last four seasons. It will be returning this mid-season for its fifth and sadly last season. Season four is now available on digital copy and will be released on Blu-ray Ray and DVD on August 29th, 2017.