A new suspect emerges…(Photo Source ITV)

Another week, another shift in suspects. I’ve said all along (and you all already know) that Chibnall and his team are very good at making anyone and everyone they want to look just a liiittle bit (or a lot) guilty. We added someone to the list this week…and maybe took somebody off?? We also got another shocking revelation…but this time, not from Trish.

Updated Suspect list:

1. Ian Winterman is definitely top suspect right now. He’s very nervous about stuff on his computer and phone…he even wants to get onto Trish’s computer! What is he hiding? Also, how is his girlfriend involved? We found out this week that she was the one who sent those threatening anonymous texts to Trish. Why would she do that? Also, we found out that creepy blue twine salesman is Ian’s former student. Is it possibly that all three of them worked together for this horrific act? Maybe they’re just a decoy.
2. Clive Lucas the cabbie was not in strong focus this week, but I still think he is a suspect. He’s a creepy jerk. He’s cheated on his wife many times, he treats his stepson terribly, he’s lied to the police…who’s to say he hasn’t raped?
3. NEW SUSPECT: Aaron Mayford is a registered sex offender on parole after being in jail for sexual assault. He lied and acted all innocent when Hardy and Miller questioned him, but we got a real glimpse into his nasty personality when he creeped on D.C Hartford during her stakeout on him. The real question here is…why wasn’t she harsher on him? Is it possible that they’ve encountered each other before? He’s shady. She’s shady. But maybe, this Mayford guy is just the rapist of the new woman who came forward and confessed rape at the end of the episode…let’s hope Hardy and Miller can catch all of the dirty rapists.
4. Ed Barnett acts all innocent but it almost seems like he’s obsessed with her…is it possible that she’s thwarted his romantic advances so he just decided to rape her? Maybe, but I’d say probably not.
5. Knock off the suspect list…maybe…is Jim Atwood. He was suspect #1 for a bit, but last week we found out that he slept with Trish the morning of his wife’s birthday party. In his words (paraphrased), “why would I rape her when I can just have sex with her?” What a classy guy. I guess he has a point there, but what if she turned him down for sex later that night so he decided to rape her instead? Nice try, Jim, but you’re still on the list.

Now onto storylines not involving the case…

Hardy went on a blind date! And it was super awkward! I was giggling with embarrassment because David Tennant is a cinnamon roll and sometimes little bits of him shine through tough-skinned Hardy. We don’t actually know how that date went, but good on ya for getting out there, Hardy!

Chloe Latimer is a really nice young woman now and she’s decided to help out Alec’s daughter because something has happened to her. We don’t know what yet…I’m sure it has something to do with all of the shady guys she hangs out with.

Mark and Beth seem to be on the mend…but only because he’s pretending to be over the hunt for Joe Miller. In reality, he’s found out where he lives and is going to go after him.

We’re halfway through the season…watch closely, because we’ll start to get answers soon!