Fresh Off the Boat “The Vouch” Delivers Peak Jessica and Classic Sitcom Setups

After over a season of talking about it, Jessica has finally finished writing her murder mystery novel: A Case of Knife to the Brain.  The episode opens with Jessica inserting herself into her character and struggling with writer’s block, which leads to a cute interaction with Evan and a talk with Louis that inspires her to finish the book. 

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Unfortunately for Louis that means he has to read the dense manuscript and he is backed into lying and saying he loves it. Typical sitcom drama unfolds when Jessica asks him to vouch for her (see what we did there?) and forward it to Kenny Rogers. Reminder that Kenny Rogers had bought into Cattleman’s and he coauthored his own book “The Gift”, and was planning his first visit for this episode. Louis tries using the neighbourhood women to discourage her with their critiques but it only causes him to double down. His plan to say Kenny turned down the book fails when he grabs the wrong packet and Jessica catches him in his lie.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Louis makes amends by writing to Kenny asking for the favour of him reading his wife’s book. A good resolution becomes even better when Kenny writes back that he loves her book. It was a breath of fresh air to see Jessica back in her element succeeding against naysayers and giving hell to businesses upsetting her [the asides about the coffee machine and scathing letter to the company were prime Jessica we fell in love with]. Unfortunately, Grandma Huang only has one line “I’m not your prop” but it was a hilarious callback scene to Eddie’s pimp walk announcements and after last week was enough to satisfy our Grandma cravings (ew phrasing).

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

The boys are all unified into a tightly knit story about a fancy multi disk changing stereo that they all buy along with Eddie’s friend group. The whole thing is a little too ancillary to the adult’s storylines, but it held a lesson about sharing fairness, and provided a slight history lesson (thanks Evan). Unfortunately the humour was lacking in the writing of boy’s scenes, but our 90’s hearts absolutely lost it when the Lion King Soundtrack came up in their disk changer. While not the best episode for the series typical hilarious dialogue, it was a solid, feel-good episode

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

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