In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto in 1994 he said that the original synopsis for The Legend of Zelda was simple: An everyday boy is drawn into several events and then grows to become a hero. This NES game would then begin a revolutionary franchise that keeps to enrapture and immerse players even over 35 years later. 

Legends say that Miyamoto based the legendary adventure game on his own life, in his own experiences when he used to explore the Japanese countryside. He tells a story about discovering a cave entrance as a little boy, before spending some time building the courage to step inside and discover what it had. It was this sense of adventure that he had when he recreated with the original Zelda, which was beautifully done. And If you have never had the opportunity to bet on sports, then it’s not a problem because you can do that nowadays with a great bookmaker online. The best thing you have to do is to register and start making your bets, which is essential if you want to have some fun while making some money. Of course, you’ll need some money to start but there isn’t the need to be a lot of money. 

He said that he wanted to create a game where all players could have the experience of the feeling of exploration as Link travels around the world, being one with the history of the land and the world he lives in. That definitely reflects in the title of this game: “The Legend of Zelda”. 

The original game of Zelda, was first released for Famicon Disk System on February 21, 1986, and it tells the story of known Link, who is a youngster who’s been given a quest to stop the evil Ganon from taking over the land of Hyrule. Ganon captured the Triforce of Power, one of two Triforces; so, in order to make sure that he doesn’t also captures the Triforce of Wisdom, Princess Zelda breaks it into 8 pieces and scatters these pieces all over Hyrule. 

Obviously, Ganon isn’t happy with this and, therefore, he locks Zelda up. Then it’s up to Link to gather up the 8 pieces, rebuild the Triforce of Wisdom, defeat Ganon in Death Mountain and rescue Princess Zelda.

When the game begins, Link has absolutely nothing, so he was no arms of any sort. He starts off in a field with a huge cave in front of him. Just like Miyamoto’s childhood memory the game is very much designed to force players to learn its mechanics without any tutorial. The cave is practically begging to be explored. Players, by doing so, are given a sword which means for them that the idea of exploring something leads to be rewarded. 

Miyamoto explained in the interview that adventure games and RPGs are games where you are able to advance the story through dialogue only, but they wanted players to actually experience the physical sensation of using a controller to move the character, in this case, Link, through the world. 

They wanted dungeons to be explorable with a very simple mapping system. These are the same ideas that were carried forward in the SFC Zelda. 

The Legend of Zelda was designed as a 1986 launch title for the Famicon Disk System, which is a Japan-only floppy disk add-on for the Famicon that had more storage and the ability to write data, which meant that it could store game saves. The latter feature allowed for bigger games since players could actually save their progress instead of starting from the beginning once again or even write a big password. 

The result of this all is that the land of Hyrule is vast for a game for its age, consisting of a large overworld leading to nine separated maze-like dungeons. Combined, there’s a total of 364 screens in this game, and there’s also a second quest mode, that can be unlocked when players beat the game or when players enter their name as ZELDA. This will replace the dungeons maps with harder ones, so there’s a need to have precaution.