Timeless has a story to it that is unique in the television world… and I’m not even talking about the whole “trio of time-traveling saviors of history” bit. I’m talking about how this little show was cancelled and then un-cancelled three days later, which is pretty much unheard of. “I got a call from NBC and they said, ‘We made a mistake and we’re picking up the show.’” Kripke told devoted fans. And the show made the video below to thank those fans whose tweeted #RenewTimeless at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con:

With the show not in filming or writing yet for season two, there weren’t too many spoiler-y things for creator Eric Kripke to get into, but he did drop a few teasers for the show’s devoted fans:

“Lucy’s mom [Susanna Thompson] is going to be one of the major Big Bads. And Rittenhouse does have their hands on the time machine. That’s way worse than Garcia having his hands on the time machine. Garcia and the [time] team find themselves facing a common enemy,”

Another highlight of the panel was Kripke stating that, like season one, season two would “double-down” on showing the diversity of history and highlighting some historical figures that faced hardship because of their race, class, or gender. “Everyone contributes to the history of this country. That’s a good message these days… History is for everybody, and America is for everybody.”

Kripke’s co-creator, Shawn Ryan says he’s happy with the shorter season order (Season two will have just ten episodes), because the scope of the show is such that, a full season could be too much to sustain (but, he’d like more than ten for Seasons three and four). Frankly, I’m just thrilled that we have ten more episodes!


Photo courtesy of NBC

Other notables:

  • Don’t expect the team to go to the future any time soon: “Never say never, but kind of never.” was Kripke’s response.
  • Historical costumes can be cumbersome, which is a surprise to no one. Abigail Spencer was weating “12 layers” in the August heat while filming the show’s episode about Lincoln, and the period shoes are uncomfortable for everyone.
  • Season One DVD release (with a gag reel!) will be 9/19/17.
  • Season Two will be more character-driven, exploring the relationships between the team members, as well as Flynn (it sounds like there may be some “enemy of my enemy” stuff happening here, which… YAY!!)
  • Kripke would like to visit the Robert Johnson era (which surprises no Supernatural fan)

With filming beginning in November, Timeless Season Two is slotted to be a Spring/Summer release.