Photo Source: Teen Wolf Twitter

Teen Wolf howled with emotions from the panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Each person on the panel rang with emotion facing their last ten episodes. Teen Wolf reached 100 episodes which is a huge deal for TV shows. When asked about reaching their 100th episode Tyler Posey who plays the leader of the pack, Scott McCall, responded with, “We were 18…now we’re grown ass men. It’s really emotional for me.” Dylan O’ Brien, AKA Stiles, added, “Nothing but emotional now that it’s over. It’ll always be a special thing for me.”

Tyler Posey was prepared to cry near the entire time of the panel and was radiating emotion.

Dylan Sprayberry who plays Liam brought some humor to the panel talking about his death scene and how “someone kicked him in the nuts”.

The question then came, “How did you know this was more than a job, that it was something special?”

“I knew going into it it wouldn’t be just a job for me, it was about finding my purpose,” Posey answered.

O’Brien followed with, “For me it was never a job, especially from the beginning…it became home.”

The cast explained how much their love for one another affected them and how great the experience was working on the show.

Lyndon and Posey both directed episodes in the final season and during the end the cast was asked about rough times and two words stick out from Posey’s response, “Just talk.”

The fans were treated to an amazing video of the young stars in their original Teen Wolf auditions.

Check out the final trailer and prep for the final ten episodes premiering on July 30th!