Marvel movies are insanely popular, and not every movie-goer has an encyclopedic knowledge of the comics they were based on — and that’s okay! A few weeks ago, I did a post that walked you through and unpacked the mid-credits and post-credits scenes for Marvel’s hit Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. You can view that here. This week, let’s go over the two scenes in the newest Marvel film: Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Is That Nacho Varga?

Mac Gargan

Source: Marvel Unlimited. Amazing Spider-Man #370. Art by Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin & Bob Sharen.

The mid-credits scene has Adrian “Vulture” Toomes in prison after his battle with Spidey, when he runs into a scarred fellow convict with a scorpion tattoo on his neck (played by Orphan Black and Better Call Saul‘s Michael Mando). Keen-eyed viewers will notice that this now-convict was actually seen earlier as the illegal weapons buyer during the Staten Island Ferry scene, where his name is given as Mac Gargan.

Gargan assures Toomes that the scars weren’t his fault, but instead the fault of Spider-Man. He mentions that he has some friends on the outside that don’t like Spidey, who would like to “take his picture. Slice his throat. Put his head in a dryer.” He then tells Toomes he heard a rumor that he knows who he is. In a moment of either nobility or selfish personal revenge, Vulture lies and denies knowing his identity is Peter Parker, saying Spider-Man would already be dead if he did. The prison warden then tells Toomes that his family is there to visit, and he walks away smiling.

This scene could be taken a few different ways. Vulture keeping Peter’s secret (for now) could set up for Vulture’s rise as the leader of the Sinister Six. However, this is more likely a set-up for the currently untitled second Spider-Man movie. In the comics, Mac Gargan is the Scorpion, a genetically modified criminal hired and funded by the editor of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson — a man who infamously wants to publish “pictures of Spider-Man”, as Gargan said, and also wants the so-called ‘public menace’ dead. Scorpion eventually turns on J. Jonah Jameson for making him a monster, forcing the editor to be saved by the man that he hates.

My guess, the second movie will focus on Peter becoming an intern photographer at the Daily Bugle, while Spider-Man fights the dangerous criminal Scorpion — before realizing once again that his private life and superheroics are more closely connected than he had hoped.

A Lesson In Patience


Source: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures. Spider-Man: Homecoming. Chris Evans as Captain America.

There’s not much to explain with the post-credits scene. If you sit through to the very end of the movie, we get an in-universe “outtake” from Coach Wilson’s cheesy Marvel’s Avengers-era Captain America motivational videos. In a tongue-in-cheek jab at the fans who stayed in their seats, Captain America warns fans that patience is sometimes rewarded, and sometimes it is not. He then asks how many more of these he has to do.

Are you talking about motivation videos, Cap — or post-credits scenes?

Stay tuned for the next Marvel Studios release: Thor: Ragnarok!